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The workforce demands more and companies globally are ever in search of technologies and software which can help them stay at par with the fast-changing work culture. While workplace management systems have been at play since more than a decade, their popularity post-COVID has skyrocketed like never before. Nearly all the organisations, even the ones who thought were good without such systems in place, are putting in more efforts to learn about such tools and incorporating them at their facilities for an enhanced work environment.
With multiple software and platforms to choose from, it becomes imperative for companies to stay updated with the changing trends which hold immense power over the changing landscape. Here are the top areas that will shape the emergence of the next big thing in the Workplace Management software and help organisations create an engaged and interactive workplace.

Supporting Remote

Working remotely has enabled all kinds and types of organisations to gain a different perspective on the workforce and the way of working in the past 2 years. It is estimated that as Gen-Z enters the workforce, by 20230 there will be a 30% increase in remote work. Therefore, tech and platforms that will support remote ways of working are not going away anytime soon because apparently work-from-home is going to stay even after the pandemic wipes out.

In fact, most companies have applauded the hybrid workforce. Technologies in workplace management software that support hybrid workspace like Office desk Booking software enabling employees to book their seats in advance when they visit offices is a testament to the accepted notion of remote working, making it easy for the employers to accommodate the workforce in facilities without any hassle. Software adopting cloud technology to offer greater accessibility and flexibility in workspace is an obvious indication of the shifting work culture.

Employee Wellness and Flexibility

The current workplace is focussing on employee wellness more than ever and rightfully so, employee well-being and a flexible work environment is going to be the top priority for companies. Especially with the newer workforce who really values work culture and mental well-being over big salaries, the need to keep employees contented and engaged is the next big challenge. Reports prove that employees who are less engaged or do not feel empowered are not likely to put in extra effort in their work, which can directly affect the productivity of the organisation in the long run.

Workplace management software, being the saviour of employees, makes it easy for them to perform day-to-day activities and focus more on relevant work and this trait is only going to improve in the upcoming era. With technologies aimed at lessening the burden of employees like visitor management software to the tools that help address their woes promptly like IT Help Desks, employee wellness and satisfaction is going to be the centre of all workplace innovations without affecting the productivity of businesses.

Analytical Approach

The adoption of technologies that rely on data and statistics for providing results is already a norm in companies but its usage is more likely to go up in the coming decade. Most companies still believe that their data is wasted, in other terms remains unutilized by the employees for any purpose. Data-driven decision making is certainly going to be a game changer in the coming years because the hustle with obsolete data-record ways like pen-paper and excel is real.

For instance, with AI-powered devices and machines something as common as Asset Management Software is being seen in a new light backed by relevant information and deep insights. Such analytics-driven software is directly helping companies to make better decisions in procuring and managing thousands of assets successfully. It comes as no surprise that organisations can make decisions 5X faster with data analytics at hand and therefore, it is not wrong to assume that the market will be brimming with Big Data and Analytical devices for all the good reasons.

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