How To Make The Most Out Of AI Apps?


Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest driving forces behind the emergence of mobile apps, making it one of the biggest trends in the app development sector. AI has slowly made its way into each industry, be it education, construction, healthcare, medicine, or even music. The last one might have surprised you, but there are AI-based piano learning platforms like Skoove, where you can learn all the concepts and techniques included in music theory, including notes, chords, time signatures, and more complex things like the like the circle of fifths.

This article tells you how you can make the most out of AI apps and use them to make your daily life more productive and streamlined. According to Gartner, the worldwide artificial intelligence software market will reach a valuation of $62 billion in 2022, which is why it is important to know how you can benefit from AI-powered apps.

Facial Recognition Technology

One of the ways in which you can embed artificial intelligence in your life is through the facial recognition technology that is present on your smartphones and other security devices. Thanks to this software, you can unlock your phone and also access sensitive apps through biometrics by simply bringing your face in front of the camera. The camera captures an image and uses machine learning to compare it with a stored image of your face. If it determines that your face matches the image, the phone will be unlocked.

Social Media

Social media apps have also come a long way, and there is no chance that you don’t check your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts several times throughout the day. In all of these apps, artificial intelligence is always working behind the scenes and provides you with a personalized experience. The social network picks up on the content that you like to view the most, and uses it to provide you with tailored posts, friend suggestions, filtering out inappropriate or fake content, and also preventing cyberbullying and other malicious actions.

Grammar Tools

If your job or academics require you to write several emails or draft various documents, you can benefit from grammar checking and correction tools like Grammarly and the spell check feature in Google Docs, which make use of artificial intelligence to check for spelling and grammar. Grammarly, and other similar apps, also look for sentence structure, tone, and other factors. You can also set the tone that you are aiming for, and the writing tool will offer personalized suggestions as to what you can change to achieve the desired style.

Virtual Assistants

Have you ever used Google Assistant or Siri on your Android or iOS smartphone? These virtual assistants are powered and driven by artificial intelligence, which allows them to provide you with a human-like experience. They use natural language processing and machine learning to receive and understand your voice or text input and provide you with the most suitable solution or response. You can instruct it to make a call, send a text message, set a reminder, book an appointment, tell the weather, book tickets for travel or the movies, and do much more.

Smart Home Devices

One of the best ways to leverage the wonders of artificial intelligence in your daily life is to make use of smart home devices, which are designed to automate most of the operations that go on daily inside your house. Examples of these devices include Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, and also several types of smart thermostats, which can adjust the temperature inside the home according to certain factors. Plus, there are smart refrigerators that create shopping lists full of items that aren’t inside them, and also and also offer recommendations. By using these applications and appliances, your life becomes much more convenient.

Daily Commute

Artificial intelligence has also revolutionized the way people navigate and find their way around their city or state. Apps like Google Maps make use of artificial intelligence to provide you with real-time traffic conditions and updates, as well as personalized suggestions regarding the best route to your destination, the amount of time spent on each possible route, any roadblocks or hurdles that come in the way, and much more. You can also make use of the AI capabilities of Google Maps and other apps to help you avoid traffic or find the best route to work or school.


Apart from the other applications we have discussed, artificial intelligence has also penetrated the baking sector, and it is used to ensure the security of transactions, as well as to detect and prevent all kinds of fraud. You might have a banking app on your phone that allows you to deposit a cheque simply by scanning it or receive an alert every time your account balance goes below the threshold or do much more. All of these functions are performed with the help of AI, and it helps in validating each transaction as well, thus keeping your banking and financial information safe from cyber attackers.

Shopping Recommendations

Another way in which AI can help make things easier for you is through personalized shopping recommendations on e-commerce stores, such as Amazon, Alibaba, and several others. These platforms make use of AI and machine learning to understand your purchase history and search patterns and also learn what people like you like the most. Then, they provide tailored recommendations for what you might like to buy. These apps even comb through your search history on various platforms so that they can show you products you are most likely to buy.

Streaming Services

Be it YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or any other video streaming platform, none of them can function without artificial intelligence. These services offer you suitable recommendations for movies, TV series, and documentaries based on the type of content that you usually watch. It takes into account various factors to do so, including the genre, actors, time period, duration, and much more. Most of the stuff that you watch is recommended by the platform, instead of you searching for it.
This concludes our guide on how you can make the most out of AI apps. As you can see, artificial intelligence has made its way into nearly every industry, which is why it is hard to imagine spending even one day without our smartphones or AI-powered apps.

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