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Smart homes are all the rage these days. It doesn’t take much to turn your house into a smart home, starting off with simple devices that would come in handy on a daily. We suggest that you can start by installing smart cameras because when it comes to security the first thing that pops up in your mind is cameras.

Samsung SmartThings Cam is the smart camera you need to take the first step into turning your home into a smart home.

The SmartThings Cam provides live video like all other security cameras, but in high definition and is accessible from your smartphones and tablets, along with a crystal clear sound. Yup, you can now watch a live feed of your home remotely and with sound! It also has a night vision mode so don’t worry about not being able to see anything in the dark.

Back to the sound, this camera provides two-way audio and has a built-in mic, which allows you to communicate with people and also say hello to your pet at home. You won’t have to pick up the phone and dial your daughter to tell her there’s a plate in the oven for her lunch, just turn on the microphone option on your device and speak.

There is a cloud storage feature with 24-hour recordings. This enables you to back up your camera recording history onto your personal cloud storage so that it’s accessible at any time and from any device. SmartThings Cams can also be synced to other smart appliances in your home, for instance, you can watch your camera live feed from your Samsung Smart Refrigerator too. Forgot your phone in your room? No problem! Simply watch the live feed from your smart refrigerator as you cook in the kitchen. It’s super convenient

These cameras are compatible with both iOS and Android so you won’t have to worry about carrying devices specifically from the Android family. Simply log in to the app given for the camera, on any device and keep an eye on your home.

SmartThings Cams come with a built-in motion detector feature where it can differentiate between a person and an object. If your ‘activity zone’ is set as your kitchen, then if anybody enters the area you get an alert on your device along with a preview of the live feed. Talk about how secure this one lonesome camera is.

However, the most important thing to consider is the first company warranty of any product that you purchase. Samsung offers a 1-year warranty on these SmartThings Cameras, with its set terms and conditions.

Gone are the days where you had a hazy, static feed for your security cameras that were only accessible from one Hub or a specific security room. Not to mention no sound available so all you had was a mute video to deduce your conclusions from. Smart cameras have made it more convenient and easier for you to monitor your home, or office, or the security of anywhere you choose to install these cameras. With its live feed, backed up onto your Cloud, access the camera history anytime, anywhere, and communicate both ways without having to pick up a phone.

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