How To Reskill Your Workforce For Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is considered the most disruptive technology, and it is changing how we work. Many of our tiresome and repetitive tasks are being automated. According to an economist, Robert Gordon, any work that requires less knowledge and requires less human interaction is prone to automation. Your business needs to refine; McKinsey predicts that 800 million jobs are likely to be automated by 2030, and up to 73 million people in the United States alone will be replaced by machines. Yet, it is difficult to find the right talent in the AI domain.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of a computer system that works and acts the way humans do. Eg: SIRI, Alexa, facial recognition, self-driving cars, which “pop” up for us when we think of AI.

When AI Takes Over

Artificial Intelligence is replacing high-level, judgment-based skill sets. Many repetitive tasks will be replaced by robots in the future. This leaves people doubting about future jobs.

Why should you re-skill and retrain?

New technologies can unleash their potential in a short time. Hence, private organizations and government sectors need to create concrete plans to re-engineer the workforce and identify effective ways to ensure a smooth transition for their employees in the short term when automation has the most effect. Some of the reasons to re-skill are as follows:

  1. Key to win AI talent war.
  2. Save organizations from spending a lot of money on hiring the right talent.
  3. Can lead to higher performance by employees.
  4. It will help to reintegrate into the workplace.

Strategies to Reskill Your Employees

When looking to integrate new technologies like AI in your product, it is important to ensure that you are not replacing the employees, rather upskill them with necessary courses, tools.

Here are three skills to ensure your collaboration with employees and AI.

  1. Once you Identify the skills to work on, Anticipate the new types of skills that are needed to do that job, and hence, ask your employees to upskill with some of the artificial intelligence courses available across the internet so that your employees are ready when the time comes.
  1. Laying off your old employees and hiring new ones is a costly process. Instead, keep your current employees, as they are familiar with your company’s product, growth, customers.
  1. Your business needs to refine your employee’s skills. Training, development, and deployment can take a long time, however, take time and work with your employees to enhance your company’s product.

3 Ways To Reskill Your Workforce

To drive toward organizational goals, employees must adapt to the workplace changes.

What Is Reskilling?

Reskilling is all about developing a new skill. Often reskilling allows employees to take on a new role within an organization.

Reskilling: If your company has business analysts, data analysts or data engineering, then they could be good candidates to train for AI tasks. This includes focusing on skills like Python, R, NLP, and TensorFlow, which is a deep learning framework. Many educators like Great Learning, Coursera, and Udemy provide Artificial intelligence certifications online for upskilling. This not only helps employees to develop AIML skills but also gets value for the company with existing experience in AI to be a leader and mentor for developing employees.
Here are 3 ways to effectively reskill your workforce:

1. Evaluate And Strategize

Evaluating your learning strategy starts with an honest assessment.

  • What is your current learning strategy that helps your organization?
  • Have you been hitting these goals?
  • Do you have any existing skills gaps?

After assessing your current state of learning, you need to determine whether these goals are still relevant.

  • Are different behaviors or skills required for your people to perform their jobs effectively?
  • Which skills will drive your business forward?
  • Check if your sales and marketing team has transitioned from in-person to virtual sales?
  • Check if you are still on in-shopping or home delivery?

These types of changes are necessary for learning strategy.

2. Get Started And Be Agile

Once your new learning strategy is ready, it’s time to get started! Implement, test, and then improve based on what you’ve learned. In doing so, you’ll quickly identify skills that are necessary for the growth of your business.
However, reskilling can not only help your organization to face a new challenge but also close current critical talent gaps but will better prepare you to master future disruptions as well.

3. Moving Forward

Newmarket crises constantly force us to evaluate our learning programs. COVID-19 has sought to drive its organization forward in reskilling. We must set sound strategies, test our learnings, and maintain our investment if we want to find success.

Organizations are re-skilling their workforce.

Leading organizations are creating programs to retrain their employees. One way to upskill workers is to allow individuals to learn new skills from different tools. During COVID, many of the learning platforms came forward to give out their resources for free to help professionals enhance their skills, and Great Learning is an excellent example. These platforms offer free training for both professionals and fresh aspirants to upskill themselves. Also, organizations can take advantage of these platforms and ask their employees to reskill.

Why is Continuous Learning Via Online Training Programs Crucial?

According to experts, AIML needs continuous learning!
One needs to learn languages such as Python, R, and the fundamentals of Statistics and Machine Learning concepts. Then, to take it to the next level, one needs to do enhancement with advanced concepts of Machine learning algorithms, NLP, neural networks, etc. All of this requires extensive training from top online educations, but most companies may not provide it.

Yet, some organizations like Wipro are working to ensure that skills gaps with employees and run multiple initiatives aimed at reskilling employees.

Here I would like to add up few courses that might help your employees to re-skill

  1. Post Graduate Certification In Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning- By Great Learning in collaboration with Texas McCombs.
  2. Applied Machine Learning Course- By Applied AI Course.
  3. Post Graduate Course in Machine Learning and AI – By Amity Online.
  4. Artificial Intelligence Course For Leaders- By Great Learning in collaboration with Texas McCombs.
  5. Columbia University’s Artificial Intelligence Course – By Pearson Professional Programs.
  6. Artificial Intelligence – By Kellogg School of Management.
  7. Machine Learning: Fundamentals and Algorithms – By Carnegie Mellon University.
  8. Machine Learning AI Certification by Stanford University- By Coursera.
  9. The Business of AI- By London Business School.
  10. 10.  Learn AI from ML experts at Google – By Google


Undoubtedly, AI is a huge asset to all processes and is going to disrupt many industries and economies. Hence, it is costly to look and hire new AI experts. Instead, make strategies to help reskill your employees for a better understanding of the technology. No change comes without results, but I am certain that we will find solutions to reskill employees with AI and other emerging technologies. With new learning, we can decrease this disruption and create a better future of work.

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