Machine Learning is one of the great pillars on which the Digital Transformation of the coming years will be based. Do you know what it is and what are its advantages from the point of view of companies? Discover keys and know what Artificial Intelligence tools are already in place.

What Is Machine Learning

When we talk about the definition of Machine Learning we are referring to a term that in Spanish translates as “machine learning” and that, at the moment, is one of the focuses of interest in the development and application of Artificial Intelligence systems. Do you know what Artificial Intelligence is and how it is already present in our lives?

What is Machine Learning? According to Wikipedia, when we talk about machine learning we are referring to “a branch of artificial intelligence whose objective is to develop techniques that allow computers to learn. More specifically, it is about creating programs capable of generalizing behaviors from information provided in the form of examples ”.

Machines that learn and are capable of predicting behaviors, evaluating actions, and analyzing in seconds millions of data and responses that will determine subsequent actions. The development of Machine Learning is inextricably linked to that of Big Data and in this relationship, we can talk about:

Supervised learning (Supervised Machine Learning): With which we refer to the interpretation of Big Data, previously stored and classified (data mining or data mining). From here you can launch predictions about behaviors, trends, and reactions that will be very useful both from the point of view of the company and in other disciplines such as Education or Health.
Unsupervised Machine Learning: At this point, we go one step further in the use of Machine Learning and Big Data and we refer to the interpretation of millions of data and records that are not classified and for which, thanks to the development of algorithms and Artificial Intelligence systems, it is possible to make predictions with less human presence. The machine rules and we enter the field of Deep Learning or deep machine learning.

Advantages of Machine Learning for companies

The application of machine learning systems is one of the great pillars and challenges of the immediate future. There are already applications and processes that are being applied and developed and one of the points of interest is focused on the business world.
Greater knowledge of the needs, tastes, and buying habits of customers. Machine Learning is already essential to go one step further in improving the customer experience and increasing customer loyalty.
Improvement of the relationship and communication with the client. Artificial Intelligence systems such as chatbots promote 24-hour attention seven days a week. The data they obtain is essential for improving customer service, as well as for getting to know the customer better.
Prediction of trends and needs from the interpretation of millions of data. There are already many companies that optimize their production cycles based on the information that is analyzed and interpreted through Machine Learning systems.
Promotion and development of new products and services based on all these data. Machine Learning encourages innovation and the search for new solutions that, in most cases, are based on the correct interpretation of the data received.
Ecommerce development thanks to the analysis of customer behavior. Automation and development of suggested services or products based on the interpreted data that lead to a much more personalized experience.
The prediction capacity of Machine Learning systems will be essential for the cybersecurity of companies, as well as the computer threats that Artificial Intelligence already uses for cyber attacks. From the point of view of internal operations, the advantages of Machine Learning for the company means having the right data for better decision-making, as well as for the automation of processes that until now used human and material resources.
Improvement and optimization of the selection processes. There are already many companies that are betting on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems in their human resources departments.
A competitive advantage over the competition and its products. The data provided by Machine Learning take into account the value of having information and uses by the competition. Obtaining data is not only useful from the customer’s point of view, but also in the field of obtaining a more accurate and accurate analysis of the markets.
Optimization of the logistics systems and processes of the company that, in the same way, affect the customer experience and favor an improvement in the organization of production processes that, thanks to Machine Learning, have a solid database with the one to justify decision making.

Trends and platforms that already use Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning being used for today and what are its uses and challenges for the immediate future? The development of machine learning is already widespread in companies from the point of view of the analysis and interpretation of customer behavior, a trend that will continue throughout the coming years.

In the same way, process automation and decision-making supported by the interpretation of these consumption guidelines will be one of the bases for the production and development of Industry 4.0, which will optimize its processes and speed up its response to orders.

Sectors as important as Tourism, e-commerce, or marketing already rely on Machine Learning solutions and systems to optimize their results and reach their clients much more precisely and personally.
In the same way, the question of how to store and manage the enormous amounts of data finds an answer in platforms such as Google Cloud Machine Learning.
They are just some examples that make clear how the future of digital transformation for companies necessarily passes through the application of Artificial Intelligence systems and Machine Learning. 

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