How to Start Manufacturing Soft Drinks


If you are looking to enter the global soft drinks market by manufacturing drinks on your own, you have your work cut out for you. The global soft drinks market is worth a staggering $994 billion a year, making it one of the largest food and beverage sectors on the planet. While the audience for soft drinks is massive and ever-growing, so is the competition.
Market share is dominated by just a small handle of companies, while smaller drink manufacturers often face significant barriers to entry. However, with the right industry know-how, you can make the launch of your soft drink company a success. Read on to find out the essential secrets to a successful soft drink manufacturing process.

The Recipe is Everything

Whether it’s fruit juice drink manufacturing or soda manufacturing, the recipe is your essential starting point. Many popular soda brands have in excess of 30 ingredients, each of which plays a vital role in the flavor, quality, and durability of the product.
You must start with your syrup or base flavor, which will be the starting point from which every other ingredient is added. You must determine that your ingredient mix is easy to source, feasible to manufacture, and is in line with any food standards in your chosen markets or territory. Once you have this, the rest is easy.

Find a Partner for Manufacturing Drinks

The next step in the soft drink manufacturing process is to select a suitable partner to mass-produce your drinks and ship them art a sufficient scale. Do your research thoroughly here and do not hesitate to shop around until you find a suitable partner.
Location, cost, scalability, and experience are all crucial factors to keep in mind. The right partner will help make your soft drink brand a global success.

Bottling and Labeling is Crucial

Bottling and labeling are two of the most important steps when manufacturing drinks. On a technical level, the bottling and labeling process helps you safely store the drink and ensures that your product is compliant with food safety and labeling standards.
On a marketing level, your bottling and labeling is pretty much the single most important way to actually sell your drink. You can use an expert label maker from Adobe to design a scalable soft drink label that will catch the attention of your target audience. Getting this step right is crucial for success.

Quality Control Matters

Finally, it is important to remember that the manufacturing process does not end once the drink is in the bottle. Quality control must be rigorously implemented at every step of the pre and post-manufacturing process.
Regular samples should be taken to ensure every beverage is consistent and meets quality expectations. Quality control is an ongoing process that every successful manufacturer is constantly seeking to improve. It is important that you do the same.

Get Your Business Off to the Best Possible Start

Now that you know the basics of manufacturing drinks, it is time to get your brand off the ground. For this, you have come to the right place. Make sure to consult our expert Business guides for detailed advice on how to get your brand off to the strongest possible start in 2021 and beyond.

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