Tips For Successful App Marketing In The Google Play Store


Have you developed an Android app and want to advertise it in the best possible way in the Google Play Store? Your app is innovative and new but is not reaching the number of downloads you were hoping for? A revision of the marketing concept in the Google Play Store can work wonders. In this blog post, you will find some valuable tips for successful app marketing in the Google Play Store.

Recognize And Interpret User Requests

Knowing what users want is essential for the successful marketing of your app. Above all, why they download a specific app and what they hope for from the app. These insights should be instrumental in the development and marketing of your app. Based on the results of your research, you can apply app marketing in a more targeted manner and thus increase the app’s success.

Monetize Your App

For good marketing, it is essential to think about monetization early on. There is no general rule here. For each app, it is essential to find out the best form of monetization. Some apps are most likely to be marketed with ads turned on. However, some apps don’t either. A preliminary survey of the target group helps to find a suitable form. If you decide to market a paid app, Google advises you to start with a higher price. That way, you can always reduce your price and offer discounts later. Another suitable method is, for example, a hybrid model. This means a variant with different forms of monetization. For example, with advertisements and in-app purchases.

Create a Brilliant Marketing Plan

Google’s first tip is banal but essential: “Don’t invest in a weak product”. In the Google Play Store, you can tell users what your app has to offer in a nutshell. You can work with both images and texts. It is essential to recognize in which form of the app description your app has the most downloads. In this way, you can constantly adjust your marketing strategy.

Google gives a marketing plan in four steps. The individual steps are:

  • Awareness
  • Trial
  • Purchase
  • Repeat

Awareness refers to drawing attention to your app. Here, for example, advertisements and social networks play an essential role. Trial means letting the user test the app. This can be guaranteed with a free trial version. If this convinces the user, the next phase of the so-called “purchase” follows. If this step is successful, try to bind the user with updates, notifications, etc. (“repeats”).

Presentation of Your App in The Google Play Store

Various points must be observed for a successful presentation of your app in the Google Play Store:

  • Offer the user meaningful screenshots and videos
  • Label the screenshots – pure screenshots are out
  • Depending on the supported device (smartphone, tablet), screenshots must be offered
  • The title of the app should be self-explanatory
  • A detailed description of your app helps the user and the ranking of your app
  • Select the correct category for your app
  • Focus on one keyword

An example of a successful Google Play Store entry is the presentation of the WhatsApp app. Do you like this entry? We are happy to help you with the creation of an app marketing concept. Contact us today and find out more.

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