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Instagram is the most trending social media platform at present across the world. Instagram has billions of users from all the countries. Nowadays from school going kids to old people everyone is maintaining an Instagram account. Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform. Everyone will upload photos, Videos and share their updates in the form of stories. If the account is public then anyone can see the photos and stories. If the account is private only the people in their friends list are able to view their photos and stories.

Today we are going to discuss an online Instagram viewer tool which is called as Imgsed. We are going to tell you completely about these online tools and how to use this tool to see Instagram Photos and Stories anonymously.

What Is Imgsed [Imginn]?

Imgsed which is now being called as Imginn is an Anonymous Instagram Stories & Photos Viewer online tool. People Can use this tool and see other people’s Instagram stories and photos without knowing them. Normally when we look at someone’s stories on instagram they will get to know that you had seen their story. But here with this tool you can see all the stories and photos anonymously.

If we want to sneak into someone’s Instagram stories and see their updates But we do not want them to know that we had seen their stories, then this Online tool Imgsed which is nowadays called as Imginn is a perfect one.

How To Use Imgsed?

It is very simple process

  1. First visit the official website of the Imgsed [Now it is called as Imginn]
  2. Now on the hope page itself there is an option of search.
  3. Enter the Instagram account ID of whom you want to see the stories or download the photos.
  4. Now the profile will be opened.
  5. There is an option to download under the photo itself.
  6. If you want to download the photo or video then click on that option.
  7. It will be saved into your device.

Features Of Imgsed

  • We can view other people’s Instagram stories without knowing them.
  • Easy to use Interface.
  • We can also download Instagram photos and videos from this online tool.
  • Effortless Navigation.
  • We can access this tool without sign in or registration.
  • We can also see the likes and comments on the Instagram Post.
  • This platform does not save any kind of personal information.
  • No Access Limit to its users.

Is It Safe To Use Imgsed?

It is safe only but using this type of online Instagram tools is not good and legal. So better stay out of them. Safety purposes there is no issue in using this tool because it does not have any malware. Sometimes because of these third party tools we may face some issues like malware attacks and data thefts. So from our point of view it is better to stay away from this type of third party tools

Alternatives To Imgsed [Imginn]

There are many online third party Instagram viewer tools on the internet. Below are some of the alternatives To Imgsed which we can use.

  • Picuki
  • Like Creeper
  • SmiHub
  • Insta Navigation
  • Ig Panel
  • Pixwox
  • StoriesIG
  • DLgram.

Not only the above mentioned sites there are a number of online Instagram Viewer tools which are there on the internet. If you know any other similar websites then let us know we will add them to our alternatives list.


Due to some reasons the administrators of Imgsed changed its domain name to Imginn. Now this tool is available on the internet with its new name called Imginn. This platform has both versions of web browser and application. Here we can access only public Instagram profiles. We cannot see the content or download the photos of the Private Instagram profiles. The drawback of this tool is we cannot search with the trending hashtags. It has only one option and it is Instagram profile search. This tool does not allow us to like or comment on the Instagram post.

Imginn is not collaborated with Instagram directly, it will just use the Instagram algorithm and provide us the data. Imgsed is completely free to use, it does not charge from anyone. The major cons of this platform is interference of third party ads and No customer support if we face any issues using the platform.

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