Teltlk – Social Media Platform Which Puts Privacy First


In this telecommunication era social media platforms and communication tools are very important for the people personally and professionally. There are many types of social media channels at present like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. All these tools are mainly photo and video sharing platforms and majorly used for communication with friends and family. But all these platforms do not give preference to security and privacy. There comes the Teltlk, a social media platform which puts the users safety and privacy first. In this article we are going to discuss this online tool and its advantages.

What Is Teltlk?

Teltlk is an online communication tool which offers a wide range of functions like voice calls, online meetings, WEB3.0 payments. It is more than a social media platform. The utmost priority will be given to the user’s security and privacy. Teltlk is product centric and creates a social network in this web3.0 era of digitalization. This platform offers instant messaging features which connect people all over the world.

The below features made this tool more secure for users

  • End to end encryption to remain secure and private.
  • Private Channels can be created with the dear ones and families.
  • Simplified Communication.
  • We can also send disappearing messages which will automatically be deleted after the person at the other end reads them. 
  • We can also create self destructive channels which can be deleted automatically after a certain period of time.
  • Message synchronization.
  • We can send all types of files and documents with the help of these tools.
  • AI Intelligent Translation will be offered by this tool.
  • We can create trusted friends and family circles.
  • We can also use Two-Factor Authentication

How To Use Teltlk?

It is very simple to use this tool. Firstly you need to create an account by visiting the official website of teltlk with all the required details. After that your account will be activated and you need to add your friends. We can add our friends directly with the help of username or email ID. you can create groups and start voice calls and HD video calls with your friends and family.

Teltlk APP

Teltlk also provides its services through mobile applications. We can download the mobile application directly from the website itself. The process to login and signup is the same as the website. It is easy to use the application rather than the website.

Benefits Of Teltlk communication Tool

Below are some of the major benefits we can get from this communication tool.

  • Centralized File Management.
  • Calendar Integration.
  • Voice Calls without any disturbances and distractions.
  • HD Video Calls which helps companies for seminars and group meetings.
  • Task and product Management.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility.
  • Holistic Social Networking
  • Easy Collaborations can be done.
  • All the files and documents that are shared will be safe and secure.
  • Easy Collaborations can be done.
  • Document and file Collaboration.

Final Say

Tools like Teltlk will help the individuals and companies in many aspects and fulfill their needs and requirements. In this era we have to use technology and digital tools to survive and compete with our competitors. No only for communication, photo and video sharing this platform is also used for making payments also. It has a safe and secure wallet. This type of tools with AI powered functions will help the companies and industries in increasing their productivity.

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