Instagram Marketing – 5 Tips for SMEs


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How is this for you guys? Time and again, we experience that it is difficult for small and medium-sized companies to assert themselves against the competition. Large companies dominate most industries. Small businesses have to fight for every customer, and it isn’t easy to acquire new customers.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a lengthy process and only slowly increases the company’s profile. In addition, most SMEs do not have the capacities (employees, time, capital) to pursue this strategy exclusively.

The social media platform Instagram is an exciting alternative that we would like to introduce to you today. Instagram marketing offers different ways to acquire new customers. With a clear strategy, success is not long in coming.

Create an Instagram business profile

A professional Instagram account (“Business Account”) is the basis of your success. The changeover will give you decisive advantages. For example, you can view statistics on your profile. This gives you valuable information about your target group (age, gender, level of education, etc.). In addition, Instagram shopping and advertising can be used.

You can also add contact details to your Instagram bio. The most critical data are:

  • e-mail address
  • Phone number
  • address
  • Link to your website

To switch to a business profile, you have to go to the Instagram settings. Select the menu item “Account” and click on “Switch to a professional account.”

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories ensure a closer bond between your customers and your company. Give insights into your daily work or introduce your employees. Increased trust in your company increases the chance that customers will ultimately buy your products.

Tips for Instagram Stories:

Instagram Live Videos

Live streams on Instagram are a great way to introduce products. Your viewers can interact with you directly and ask questions about the product. However, it would help if you first came up with a rough schedule to avoid pauses for thought. Nevertheless, your live video must not appear “scripted” and unnatural.

Hashtags and placemarks

Use hashtags and placemarks in your stories. Then when other users search for specific hashtags or locations, your accounts will be displayed. This increases your reach.

Discount promotions

Include special offers and discount vouchers for your products in your stories. This increases your customers’ willingness to buy. Everyone’s a little money saver.

Set up Instagram shopping

Instagram shopping is particularly interesting for e-commerce companies. You can use the function to mark products in your posts.

Your customers then see the name and price of the product directly. With a click on the mark, you will be forwarded directly to your online shop.

Requirements for Instagram Shopping:

  • You have an Instagram business profile.
  • Your company is based in the EU, North America, or Australia.
  • Your articles are stored in the Facebook product catalog.
  • You can only sell physical goods.
  • At least nine posts in your profile must have a shopping mark before the function is publicly visible.


Make sure there is enough space between the shopping marks in your posts. Otherwise, these will overlap, and your followers will barely be able to click on them.

In addition, not every contribution should be a shopping contribution. Too much advertising is disruptive, and you will lose your fans. About 80% of your posts should be ad-free.

Place advertising on Instagram

Instagram offers the option to place paid advertisements. You can precisely set your target group in the Facebook advertising manager. Analyze your target group beforehand to reduce wastage.

It does not make sense to present advertisements for the target group “women aged 18 to 25 years” to men over 50 years of age.

In general, you should always test several advertisements. Even small changes to the text of your ad can have a significant effect.

You should also integrate a call to action. With calls like “Buy now” or “Find out more,” you increase the click rate of potential customers. The “Swipe Up” function is also beneficial. This means that users can see important information with just one hand movement.

Classic advertisements (images) annoy most users. This is why you should test videos and carousel ads. These formats are particularly suitable for visually appealing products. Sound quality is crucial. Poor implementation destroys even the best advertising idea.


Instagram is a good way for SMEs to draw attention to themselves. If you stand out from other companies, you will quickly acquire new customers.

However, you always have to pay attention to the quality of your posts. You should also develop a routine for your posts. Always post at the same time and always use a consistent style.

When it comes to your Instagram feed, first impressions are crucial. Only if it is designed appealingly will random visitors become followers.

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