Is it Impossible To Get Total Privacy For Our Data?

data privacy
  • At present, the privacy and problems associated with its concern to many people around the world. There are very complex regulations designed to further protect personal interests in this regard, such as the General Data Protection Regulation, which we are talking about long and hard.
  • There is also a lot of information about what data and permissions we give to applications, to the different services in which we create an account (including social networks like Twitter and Facebook, or instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, to say the most general). In addition, we are increasingly aware that there are dangers that were previously unknown to us associated with the use of our personal data, which puts us on alert individually.
  • The question, then, is obvious: on the Internet, is it possible to achieve total privacy, or is it impossible? The simple answer is that it is very difficult to stay 100% isolated, unless we have no contact with the network. But it is possible to keep our most intimate data safe, including our exact location, where we are going, etc.

More than half of Internet users do not believe in total privacy

  • A recent Kaspersky study revealed that 56% of Internet users do not believe in complete privacy on the web (nor, in general, in the “real” world). This is understood if it is known that practically all of us connect to social networks or the Internet every day (89% of consumers).
  • In doing so, we connect to our social profiles, check email, make an online purchase, and many other actions that, in one way or another, involve our personal data to some extent.
  • There are two very troubling data from the Kaspersky survey: 32.3% do not know how to fully protect their online privacy; In addition, 13% are not interested in finding out how to improve the privacy of their data.
  • To understand the global dimension of the problem, we know that 26% of users suffered intrusions into their private data. In the case of young people between 16 and 24 years old, 24% of them suffered the theft or manipulation of their private data. 46% of users suffered unauthorized access to their personal data through their online accounts.
  • Be that as it may, there are 18% of people who would be willing to sacrifice their privacy in exchange for something free, and double that would sell it for a million dollars.
  • If you really care about keeping your privacy intact or, at least, controlled, follow our advice about it. Think that there is nothing free in this world and that it is usually available, always, in exchange for something. And your personal data is something very valuable.

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