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IT security is certainly an issue crucial to the future of an organization. We talk about security from an IT point of view, which involves multiple aspects such as the security of access credentials; and solid budgets that allow everything related to cybersecurity to be well developed, among other things.

There is a curious coincidence. IT security purse is huge. There are very advanced tools, development methodologies, and knowledge in computer security issues. The tools are in themselves very safe. The big problem is the human factor.

We mention it on many occasions: a worker who does not have sufficient training, and who, above all, does not have the proper motivation, can become the main threat to an organization, whatever its size. It can be a small family business or a large multinational company. A leak is enough to trigger a catastrophe.

How do you fight this threat? The reality is that most of today’s best-known cyberattacks are based on tricking the user. This gives us an idea of ​​how advanced security technology is, but it also gives us an idea of ​​where we should put the focus for improvement: on the user.

We do not mean by this that the fault lies with the user, but rather that for a long time the security of the different IT systems has been so trusted that the responsibility has been transferred to the user.

The great challenge for companies is to understand that it is not the responsibility of the user to lead security in the interfaces they use. It is the responsibility of companies and the IT department to make all the organization’s security requirements, processes, policies, and methodologies understandable to the user.

Therefore, security must always be considered from the initial concept of any tool, application, process, or methodology, and it must be done with the user in the center of all eyes. It is the user who works with the interface that we provide, and it is the user who, if they have enough information (and training), will be the main firewall of our company.

To learn more about all these interesting topics, we recommend you watch the video below. In it, an IT security expert, will explain to us how the concept of IT security in the company should be an adapted, oriented, and procedural master plan. Never a standard plan. A highly recommended video to understand the scope of security in companies.

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