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Do you sell goods and services on the internet? You need to know what your customers expect to achieve your sales goals. It is interesting to see the route and interactions. Internet users make on your website. Which pages interest them the most? What are they clicking on?

Good news, all of this is possible! This is the work of “web analytics.” Tools exist to track your users effectively. These tools make it possible to process large amounts of information on the habits of your visitors. By analyzing their data, you can convert each visitor into a better customer!

What Methods Are Used?

There are many tools and methods to analyze Internet users’ behavior.

  • Eye-tracking: Analysis of Internet users’ gaze to know which elements have caught their attention the most.
  • Click-tracking: Recording clicks on the pages of your site
  • Mouse-tracking: Mouse tracking a video recording of visits to your site to find out how the visitor locates between the different parts of your menu, for example.

What Information Can I Get From My Customers?

The origin of your visitors:

  • Link to a post in a social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Via search engines on natural results
  • Via a sponsored ad after purchasing a keyword
  • From an advertising mail campaign
  • From an online advertisement obtained from a network or an affiliated site

Visitor behavior:

  • Pages visited
  • Time spent on each page

Custom goals:

You can also track your goals by signing up for your newsletter, selecting a particular option from a drop-down menu, or even visiting several pages in the same session.

Analyze And Interpret

You can get detailed reports, including infographics, to better understand your users. You will distinguish visitors converted into customers, those who are only interested in your products and who explore your site, but also visitors who have “bounced,” i.e., having consulted only one of your pages before leaving. Your site.

You will also be able to answer in detail the following questions:

  • What are the most visited pages and the average duration of each visit?
  • Who are the visitors who leave their details in a form?
  • How many pages does a visitor view before making a purchase?
  • How many buttons must users click before making a purchase?

Having this information helps to indicate the stage of the buying journey during which visitors leave your site. This makes it possible to make assumptions about the reasons for this departure. Do they give up because they don’t have enough information? Are the steps to make an online purchase too tedious? Answering these questions about the customer journey on your site will be the starting point of your online sales policy.

You can redesign the website or design a new web-marketing campaign strategy.

A website redesign must make it easier to navigate the website. The design of the pages (with their menus and drop-down parts) is uncluttered, and it is easier to make a purchase or fill out a form.

Implementing a new web-marketing campaign will modify the organic or paid natural referencing but also increase the publications on the networks and the forums that generate the most visits. You will also be able to target more precisely the Internet users in the segment that interests you.

Personalize Your Communication

The memorization of the customer journey makes it possible to personalize your site’s communication with your Internet users. After Business Consumers communication, you are switching to Business to One touch is possible. Offer your customers suggestions based on previous purchases in advertising inserts at the page’s bottom. It is also possible to notify prospects who have agreed to give their email address in the form of upcoming promotions.


If you are convinced, you can find out about the different analytics software available on the market. You can also seek help from an analytics agency to advise you on data analysis.

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