Mangago: The Top Romance Manga To Read Right Now


Whether you’ve been in love or have yet to experience that feeling, you’re going to recognize it in a romance manga. Even if they aren’t explicit, it’s almost impossible not to see the universal themes of love and passion. While there are tons of great ones out there, some of the best have a specific niche audience who can appreciate their story and characters. After all, we can only imagine how much better they would be if given the right readers. Luckily for us romance fans, those books exist and they are reading them like crazy! Here are our top picks for romance manga you should read right now:


This manga follows two high school students who meet each other by chance in their school cafeteria. They end up dating and trusting each other with their deepest secrets. Mangago is one of my favorite romance manga because of its realism in portraying a high school romance. It doesn’t follow the typical love triangles and typical high school drama. The art style almost pictures realistic and the characters’ personalities are spot on. There are only six chapters in the whole manga and they are short, but they pack a punch. If you’re looking for a realistic high school romance manga, this should be your first stop. Mangago is an online manga that follows two high school students who meet by chance in the school cafeteria and end up updating. It’s an online manga that’s only six chapters long but packs a real punch. The characters are realistic and the relationship is believable.

What is Romance Manga

Romance manga is a genre of manga about romantic love. This genre is often contrasted with the more general comedy manga, whose stories frequently feature relationships that are not romantically intimate.

Lists of Romance Manga

These romance mangas are the perfect examples of the genre. You’ll find tales that are realistic and portray relationships that are just as real.


The female lead of the story was the eldest among siblings which made her more mature than her batchmates. Machida Yuki then joined the Basketball team to be with the male protagonist that she loved for a long time now, Machida didn’t mean to make Naruse fall for him. If you like romantic Japanese comics with a sporty touch you can read this with or without any partner.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince

If you like your romance with a little fantasy, then Wolf Girl and Black Prince are for you. Erika wants to be in a sisterhood she got in but all her friends have boyfriends so in order to be alone she told lies about herself and her imaginary boyfriend, to make it more realistic she took pictures of a random guy she came across. Kyoya tried to be intimate in the story so if you’re not into that you can skip this one and proceed to the remaining stories below. The manga also has an anime series and film.

Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu

The story follows a love and hate relationship they first met each other because they had the same name later the girl protagonist tried to confess her feelings to the guy but then got rejected immediately. The series is romantic, funny, and smart. And best of all, you don’t need to be into mandarin to enjoy it!

Dengeki Daisy

Teru was a lonely girl after his brother died he gave daisy a phone to keep the connection between them later on daisy became the source of strength and happiness of teru. The manga has great chemistry and has a lot of fighting scenes with the villains. The manga is also available in English and other languages on Mangago, so if you’re interested, there’s no need to miss out on it!


Hiyori was hospitalized due to a car incident after her being coma she was brought back to school where she would meet and sit beside the male protagonist. Together, they learn to love themselves and open up to others, making Hiyoko’s self-confidence grow. Hiyokoi is a beautiful story about finding your own self-worth and loving who you are. The series is available in English on Mangago, so if you’re interested there’s no reason not to give it a try!

The following Japanese comics that were mentioned are some of the great works from the romance genre. Manga books can be our source of happiness to the point we want to read shelves of them. The reason why most of us were heavily influenced by the Japanese culture.

What is Manga

Manga is a Japanese word that refers to comic books. It’s also used to refer to manga comics and graphic novels. While they are primarily Japanese, they are not limited to Japanese content. You’ll find mangaowl comics in a variety of languages like English, Hindi, Spanish, and many more. Manga comics are a combination of words and images. The images are usually hand-drawn and maybe in black and white or in color. There are no words in a manga. They are usually serialized in a magazine or sometimes in a book. Some manga series are longer than others with some lasting many years and many volumes.


If you’ve ever felt there was a lack of romance in your life, you might want to reach for a manga. These stories about love and passion are some of the best for anyone going through a rough time. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just looking for some inspiration, romance manga can really help you out. Read these romantic stories, and you’ll find that your heart will open up to new possibilities.

Mangago is a site that offers a wide variety of manga genres such as romantic comedy, mystery, adventure, action, history, fantasy, and many more. There’s no time we don’t include manga in our lives. So mangago was created to give free services to manga readers, you don’t need to subscribe to mangago to read thousands of mangas. Lastly to those people who wonder why mangago is down? Mangago wasn’t down maybe you typed the wrong URL or link, So in case you still don’t know which one’s the real site click mangago and it will direct you to the website. Keep reading quality manga with mangago.

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