Massive Use Of Teleworking For IT professions In 2021


Due to the generalization of teleworking, IT is one of the sectors least affected by the Covid-19 health crisis, according to a monthly economic study carried out by the surveys between April 28 and June 8, 2020, 70% of IT employees work remotely. The score reaches 55% for architectural and engineering activities.

More suited to teleworking, the IT sector is more resistant to confinement

The survey took stock at the end of April on the various sectors of industry all over the world. A survey was carried out from April 28 to May 6 among 8,500 companies. Following strict confinement in April, gross domestic production recorded a sharp decline. However, despite the downturn in the economy, the most resilient sectors are those in the services sector, which have overwhelmed teleworking. 39% of business leaders interviewed indicated that they telework, against only 16% in manufacturing and 14% in construction. The rate is higher in the IT industry, where more than 70% of employees now work from home.
If teleworking applies equally well in the publishing world with more than 80% of employees teleworking and in consulting or legal and accounting activities with 70% teleworkers, the IT sector seems to be one of the most resilient by reducing its activity somewhat.

Some tips from us to ensure the IT resilience of your telecommuting company
If the IT sector adapts more naturally to teleworking, an IT consulting company in Washington DC named “Advantage Industries” recommends some critical IT measures to ensure business continuity in telework.

Make sure you resize your VPN (Virtual Private Network) infrastructures

Train employees in teleworking and in particular in the use of video-conferencing platforms
Strengthen the security of access to the information system for enhanced MFA (multi-factor authentication)

Teleworking: a concept far from being so easy to apply effectively

Beyond the information system, a survey carried reveals that 48% of people would not manage to work effectively remotely during this period of confinement.

If a majority of people were in favor of teleworking before this period of forced confinement, the situation could well have changed. Nearly 48% of people working from home say they are losing efficiency in confinement.

Only 17% seem to be perfectly fine with teleworking and think they can work from home for as long as necessary.

Also, pay attention to the psychological impact of teleworking during confinement. In fact, 37% of men and 48% of women surveyed believe they need psychological follow-up in the face of the upheaval in their daily lives. To date, only 11% of companies have set up a psychological listening unit.

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