Cloud Technology -What Did This Pandemic Teach Us About The Cloud?


The current situation has put many companies in trouble to get ahead. Some have succeeded, others have struggled to catch up, and others have lagged behind on the way. But it seems somewhat general to note that the Cloud and its benefits have been driven by circumstance and the new normal of social distancing and telecommuting. These are three important things we have learned from the pandemic regarding the Cloud.

The “Cloud ops” is much more important than previously thought

Cloud operations have been a late thought for many companies, even after their own deployment. Most IT organizations gave it some attention, but Cloud ops best practices and use of technology have been limited by limited budgets and a lack of general understanding.

The increased use of public cloud providers and access to cloud systems by a widely distributed remote workforce highlighted the need for operational tools, as well as talent.

API strategies are needed for businesses ASAP

The data integration has gone from being something optional to mandatory, especially because we are living in a time of very rapid and drastic changes. Additionally, businesses need to share services that link behavior to data. Both problems are solved by leveraging the APIs.

SaaS providers often offer APIs alongside their services, but for most custom cloud-based business applications, APIs that provide access to system data and services are non-existent.

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Extending cloud security to remote workers is more difficult than we thought

Although security teams in the cloud already have previous experience dealing with preparing everything necessary for a small group of remote workers, faced with a massive challenge such as the one we recently experienced with lockdown, many companies discovered that an employee’s home network does not it is comparable to the company network, not at all.

Although questions about VPNs, virtual private clouds, encryption, or data compliance have been around for a long time, in many cases they seem to have come up suddenly. This perception occurs because, as a result of having more and more remote staff, security vulnerabilities began to appear in the cloud that were not previously appreciated.

Many security teams weren’t prepared for this, and they had to go to great lengths to establish new policies, enable the necessary training for their staff, and squeeze out the technology.

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