Mechanizing Business Cycle Documents is a Success & A Necessity For SMEs of the digital age


Mechanize those tasks in which any type of business cycle documents are involved, helps to save time, minimize the margin of error and optimize the resources used.

At a time when speed, transparency, and security prevail, it is important to transfer to SMEs – also the rest of larger organizations – the need to print an agile, flexible and, above all, efficient management. In the commercial environment, in particular, any action and decision that is put into practice must have the seal of quality and service added, both for the customer and for the internal operation itself.

On the other hand, what was a trend years ago, the paperless office, is today, practically a reality – to a greater or lesser extent – within many SMEs. In the commercial section, in particular, a large number of documents are generated that must be consulted regularly and, moreover, kept for a specific period of time – some for several years. In this sense, the contribution of ERP software is key, both for its storage and for its security. It also applies to collaboration and savings.

ERP: The Key To Guarantee The Security & Speed of The Processes

  • Therefore, in addition to the multiple functionalities to improve the operation of the entire commercial cycle that these applications include, it highlights its contribution to improve interdepartmental collaboration, since, among other things, it allows sharing documents between several users, always providing the latest version of them. Documents that are filed in electronic formats, with full legal validity, and which can be accessed quickly and safely. If the system is hosted in the cloud, access will also be effective at any time, in any place and, through any device.
  • Specifically, everything that has to do with the documents involved in the commercial process must be treated with special care because they all record the operations that have been carried out. Delivery notes, receipts, budgets, invoices, etc. They identify the actors involved in a specific process and are, in themselves, a reliable test to consult in the event of any incident.
  • Therefore, being assets that support the accuracy of all business operations, their management must be done with great care. Better, still, if the tasks associated with the management of any commercial document are automated because, in addition to printing greater agility to the processes, it provides greater security of the information that is handled.
  • Given the importance of efficiently and agilely managing the mechanization processes of business cycle documents, the use of an ERP for enterprise resource management is presented as the main tool to guarantee the security and speed that these processes need. In this sense, an ERP facilitates the design and use of automatic price modification formulas, the automatic allocation of purchase and sale prices, the calculation of discounts or the automatic processing of orders to suppliers either by minimum, by sales forecast, by replacement or by customer orders.

How To Improve Management Agility

In addition, these applications help to easily incorporate delivery notes, orders, budgets, text templates or groupings, to work with the delivery notes, whether periodic, collective, from budgets or from orders, to proceed to regularizations: stocks to zero, Import ASCII complete or reduced documents, to use barcodes or to track and control warehouse in mobile environments.

Therefore, to mechanize those tasks in which any type of documents of the commercial cycle intervene helps to save time, minimize the margin of error and optimize the resources used. Automatically applying prices and discounts and managing all these documents in an agile way will improve the level of competitiveness of organizations and will undoubtedly provide a better service to both customers, suppliers and, of course, different areas that make up the organization and that, directly or indirectly, have to use any commercial document.

Mechanizing, in addition, promotes the elimination of paper and digital storage of documents with the consequent savings that it entails. It provides faster since the necessary information is placed at the click of a button, more reliability and, more quality in business processes.

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