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Six Critical Challenges For Retail Business – How To Deal With Them?

A considerable number of challenges that a retail store owner faces daily. Which should not be underestimated, and how to manage them successfully? Owning a small grocery store may seem like a simple retail business at first glance, but the reality is different. The improving economic situation brings growing demands from customers and challenges in […]

Mechanizing Business Cycle Documents is a Success & A Necessity For SMEs of the digital age

Mechanize those tasks in which any type of business cycle documents are involved, helps to save time, minimize the margin of error and optimize the resources used. At a time when speed, transparency, and security prevail, it is important to transfer to SMEs – also the rest of larger organizations – the need to print […]

Three Recommendations To Address The Digital Divide In SMEs

Change the culture of SMEs regarding technology and its contribution to competitiveness, efficiency, and productivity, acquire the necessary training and skills – well through the formation of internal talent, or through the recruitment of new talents – and improve conventional financing channels, as well as finding new sources of financing, are the three recommendations that […]

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