Microsoft Discovered A Bug In Windows 10 That Affects Two Security Features Of The Operating System

  • Once again Microsoft has to go out of its way to explain a failure in its Windows system. The company guarantees that the problem will be resolved in the next update of Windows 10. However, he has not yet confirmed the available date. According to ZDNet, Microsoft recognizes that problems in the Windows 10 operating system prevent the operation right of two functions of ” software ” related to issues of security, as Sandbox and Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG).
  • The American company said that it is already solving these problems and that they will be fixed in the next update of the operating system. However, they do not indicate when updates will be available. The detected security feature failure will affect Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise version 1903, 1909, and 2004 users. “Restarting the system is the key,” Microsoft clarified in the support note.
  • These two functions have become very popular among users who use the Microsoft operating system because Sandbox lets you run their software suspect without affecting the main configuration of Windows 10. In the same way, WDAG allowed to create one list of sites web reliable and resources local.
  • Likewise, Microsoft plans to launch Windows 10x in the spring of 2021. This is a new version of the Windows operating system that forms more modular and interface more simply. The interface will not support running applications that use 32 Bit (Win32); however, you will only be able to run Universal Windows Platform (UWP ) and web applications.
  • The users tend to punish the failures and errors with the loss of confidence, which impacts seriously on the launch of new products to the market. Microsoft must take the complaints of its followers very seriously since by not putting an issue and providing effective, simple, and immediate solutions, they run the risk of being wrong.
  • The feedback fluid and functional is crucial in these times, and now the greatest danger to the multinational technology lies in not promptly respond to indications of its consumers, as a clear sign of closeness, concern, and occupation in the topics they report and believe it is necessary to improve.
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