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Microsoft Power Platform – More Success In Business Thanks To Do-It-Yourself Process Digitization!

Digitization has been revolutionizing the business world for years. Although, on the one hand, the need for new, more powerful, and data-based business applications is growing, intending to improve company processes and realize added value, on the other hand, there is a permanent lack of IT specialists and specialist knowledge to develop them. Because of […]

More Than Just Spreadsheets – What Can Microsoft Excel Be Used For?

Everyone who uses a computer is probably familiar with the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program from time to time. But although Excel is exceptionally well known, most people only see a fraction of the functions of the comprehensive tool. Because Excel could do a lot more than “something with tables”. We shed light on what lies […]

Microsoft Exchange Server Maintenance Checklist for Exchange Administrators [2021]

Exchange Servers requires regular maintenance to prevent downtime and data loss due to common issues, such as server crash or abrupt shutdown, and protect the server from various malicious attacks.Besides keeping a check on the Exchange server’s health and installing updates, an Exchange administrator is also required to perform various other maintenance operations to ensure […]

How To Import OST File Into Outlook 365?

Summary: Outlook 365 is an Office 365 product and a cloud-based email client that works with Exchange online. It offers several features and advantages over the standalone Microsoft Outlook version for Windows and Mac, such as better security, secure cloud storage, compliance protection, automatic upgrades, etc. In this guide, we’ve discussed a manual and an […]

Microsoft Discovered A Bug In Windows 10 That Affects Two Security Features Of The Operating System

Once again Microsoft has to go out of its way to explain a failure in its Windows system. The company guarantees that the problem will be resolved in the next update of Windows 10. However, he has not yet confirmed the available date. According to ZDNet, Microsoft recognizes that problems in the Windows 10 operating […]

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