Microsoft Power Platform – More Success In Business Thanks To Do-It-Yourself Process Digitization!

Microsoft Power Platform

Digitization has been revolutionizing the business world for years. Although, on the one hand, the need for new, more powerful, and data-based business applications is growing, intending to improve company processes and realize added value, on the other hand, there is a permanent lack of IT specialists and specialist knowledge to develop them. Because of this, low-code platforms like the Microsoft Power Platform are gaining popularity. But what exactly is this Microsoft Power Platform, how is it structured, and what advantages do the integrated critical applications offer? We will provide the solutions to the same questions in our following blog post!

In the increasingly digitized and technology-driven business world, everything is about to change, innovation, speed, and data. Therefore, it is not surprising that this and that tasks and requirements for companies are constantly growing: On the one hand, they should react more quickly to dynamic market and business developments. On the other hand, they should design and provide new business applications at ever shorter intervals that enable practical work and quick action and response.

There is hardly any space for more extended development times or cost-intensive individual developments. To make matters worse, there is a lack of skilled staff to create the many business applications required for digital transformation.

Definition: What Is The Microsoft Power Platform!

Microsoft Power Platform is a so-called low-code platform that uses visual and graphical modeling methods like point-and-click or drag-and-drop instead of classic and textual programming techniques to create a quick and easy Grant development of data-based business applications.

The low-code solution from Microsoft combines several high-performance services from the Microsoft product range, for example, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power Automate, and Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, to implement data-based business apps, business applications, and end-to-end Accelerate end solutions, automate repetitive processes, visualize aggregated business data, and digitize and optimize business processes.

Powerful Applications United In One Platform.

Key components include Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power Automate, and Microsoft Power Virtual Agents. The four services are designed so that they each focus on one specialist area and can therefore be encapsulated on their own or, given their great accessibility, can also be used well in combination. However, to be fully functional, these platforms need an underlying form. This includes Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dataverse, the AI ​​Builder, and various connectors.

Below you will find an overview of the essential components of the Microsoft Power Platform:

  • Microsoft Power Apps: With Microsoft Power Apps, your employees can develop and implement data-based business apps and business applications quickly and easily.
  • Microsoft Power Automate: Microsoft Power Automate supports the efficiency of employees by allowing applications to communicate with each other and making recurring work processes independent.
  • Microsoft Power BI: Thanks to Microsoft Power BI, all business data bundled in the Microsoft Power Platform can be converted into multimedia dashboards and reports.
  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agents: With Power Virtual Agents, all employees can quickly develop powerful chatbots and improve them further.
  • Microsoft Dataverse: Microsoft Dataverse is the standard data service for all application areas and benefits of the Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Azure. In addition, it offers a central interface for connecting all other data. Many prominent software vendors, such as SAP or Adobe, promote the same service and participate in the “Open Data Initiative.”
  • AI Builder: The AI ​​Builder is a tool that allows employees to integrate artificial intelligence settings into business processes and applications without having any technical knowledge.
  • Connectors: The connectors represent a selection of intersections to different systems. This allows employees to network as many data sources as possible with the Microsoft Power Platform.

Application Development As Self-Service!

The Microsoft Power Platform primarily aims at business users and team and department managers inside, who uncover opportunities to optimize more minor things in their daily work processes. With the low-code approach of the Microsoft Power Platform, the same so-called citizen developers can analyze data, improve and automate workflows, develop and use data-based solutions and create reports and chatbots on their own within a short time – all this, regardless of their programming skills. Not only the citizen developer can advance development with the help of the Microsoft Power Platform. The platform also offers professional developers a high-quality basis for developing and implementing more complicated business applications.

The Advantages of The Microsoft Power Platform!

The advantages of the Microsoft Power Platform application are apparent:

Among other things

  • the IT department has supported
  • that the expenses for the production of competent business requirements, business apps, or even end-to-end solutions can be significantly reduced.
  • The application developments need to be outsourced less consistently.
  • Employees have improved access to business data and information, making smarter and faster decisions.
  • The new workflows replace manual business processes, some of which are based on sheets, and therefore increase efficiency.

Conclusion: The Use of The Microsoft Power Platform Is Worthwhile!

Low-code platforms like the Power Platform are becoming more and more popular. They represent an ideal opportunity for companies to develop business applications with a reasonable investment of time and money. In addition, she supports employees to focus on resourcefulness, cooperation, know-how, and skills, which increases performance and efficiency in operations.

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