More Folding Mobiles Will Storm The Market This Summer.


Folding mobiles have been on the market since 2019, but they have not yet reached users in most. It is a revolutionary technology, but its price still needs to be further democratized so that many are encouraged to try it. That may start to happen soon when brands like OPPO, vivo, or Xiaomi put new models into circulation.

It was Samsung, together with Huawei, who took the first steps in the world of folding smartphones. The initial bets were those of smartphones that, when deployed, become tablets. However, Samsung has also opted for a different modality, with a mobile whose screen folds to become very compact, as is the case with the Galaxy Z Flip or the Motorola bet with its Razr.

Foldable From Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo

However, several actors still make an appearance in Europe with their first folding mobiles, which will make the battle more enjoyable than ever. We know that Chinese firms such as Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo, have filed different patents and designs of folding smartphones for years. For now, only Xiaomi has presented its first folding, but for the moment, it has not left China.

It has been the DigiTimes Asia medium that has revealed that these three firms will present their folding mobiles during the third quarter of the year. This could mean the arrival of the Mi Mix Fold, but also that of another cheaper Xiaomi folding. OPPO has also presented a roll-up concept called OPPO X 2021, but its arrival on the market is scheduled for the end of the year. In the case of vivo, it is not yet clear what approach its first folding would take. In these bets, the arrival of the first folding pages is expected to drop below a thousand euros to democratize technology further.

The Folding Pixel Will Also be Seen.

Not to forget, Google is also behind its first foldable Pixel. The latest information on this device comes from Korea, as Samsung could be the company that supplies the ultra-thin UTG panel that the device could sport. This technology has already been used in several Samsung folding, including the latest Galaxy Z Fold 2. In this case, its exact presentation date is also unknown, but it is expected to be presented in the fall along with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

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