Scale Down Your Energy Spendings With These 5 Tips and Devices

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Whether it’s for heating, lighting, or general home appliances, we frequently use far more energy than is required. Even when no one is watching anything, the TV stays in standby mode all day. While everyone is sound asleep at night and wrapped in warm blankets, the heater continues to run. If you’re anything like most people, you’re guilty as charged. 

Squandering energy can easily turn into a habit. But now is the time to make the change. Not just because this level of carelessness won’t be affordable for much longer, but because the planet is facing an energy crisis… Let’s not even get to global warming and the effect wastage of energy has on our ecosystems!

Long story short, poor energy usage not only drives up our monthly costs but also has a negative long-term impact on the environment. An inefficient boiler is one of the costliest. Visit Corgihomeplan to find a boiler care plan that will help to save you money on maintenance and ensure that your boiler is running efficiently.  What better time, then, to streamline your daily tasks? Fortunately, changing your ways is simpler than you may think. Here are 5 creative energy-saving techniques and cutting-edge technology, to drastically reduce your energy spending:

1. Smart Heating Control

You’ve probably heard of these 3 important heating tips before, but maybe haven’t taken them seriously:

  • Never leave your heating on in an unoccupied room or at night.
  • Close your windows when the heating is on.
  • Turn down the heat every time you’re airing out a room.

It appears straightforward in theory, but who enjoys stepping into an icy bathroom in the morning or returning home to a chilled home? Nobody. That’s where smart thermostats like tado°come in. They can cut your heating bills by up to 30% while maintaining cozy, warm temperatures when you need them.

2. Smart Blind Controls

Natural light fills your space with bright light but it also reduces over-reliance on lighting systems. More than that though, sunlight reduces the amount of money you spend on supplementary heating and cooling. A surprisingly simple approach to saving energy is to have your blinds rise or fall at precisely the right time, which is where smart blind management comes into play.

Technology such as the KNX Smart Homes uses the Gira KNX weather station Plus to automate blind opening and closing. Such devices measure 9 different meteorological factors, including exterior temperature, interior temperature, rainfall, wind speed, and others. With this data, the system responds to make the interior micro-climate much more favorable.

Having said that, you may utilize your blinds to either block the sun from entering your home in the summer or to increase temperatures (without using more heating) in the winter. Automated blind schedules also deter possible attackers whenever you are away!

3. Smart Showers

How much time do you take before your shower heats just right? How much water is wasted in that time?  That’s why we bring to you the smart showerhead. It makes sure that the water only starts flowing when the right heater temperatures are met. EvaDrop, for example, uses a unique sensor system desired temperature is reached. 

However, the gadget is capable of much more. For example, while you’re taking a shower, it adapts the water flow to your body’s present posture. You may also adjust your favorite settings, monitor your water usage, and link EvaDrop to other smart devices using a Bluetooth app on your smartphone for home automation!

4. Use Electricity Wisely

Without electricity, none of our daily activities—from the hair dryer in the bathroom to the coffee maker in the kitchen—would be possible. But how much does your household actually use, as compared to what it needs? How much is wasted on lights you forgot to turn off or gadgets in standby mode? 

To address these issues, here are two energy-saving devices: smart motion detectors that ensure that lights are only turned on when necessary – indoors as well as outdoors. The other is smart socket outlets with a central server. With these, you can turn off numerous devices simultaneously, and remotely. 

5. Smart Grids for a Sustainable Future 

We can’t really do much about the rising prices of energy other than monitor our energy usage—or can we? Maybe the so-called smart grids will prove us wrong! They are a network of connected homes that not only exchange energy but also create, store, and provide it.

This creates a constant equilibrium between supply and demand, preventing price increases brought on by shortages. Smart grids are still little more than a distant dream. However, as technology develops, they might soon lead to the discovery of whole new techniques to conserve electricity!

Wind Up

Proper use of energy is no longer an option, it is everyone’s responsibility. With these 5 tips and the aforementioned devices though, it can be a walk in the park. Try it and save the earth while saving money!

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