SD-WAN In The Post-COVID Era


The SD-WAN networking market is one of the most important developments in recent times regarding business connectivity.

But the real impact that a before and after means for this technology is marked by the global pandemic of 2020.

In the next post, we analyze the evolution and the general increase of these solutions in the post-COVID Era.

The Digital Transformation of Two Years in Two Months!

Undoubtedly, the pandemic and the halt in most business activities have radically slowed activity with the consequent economic recession.

However, the dizzying pace at which organizations have had to transform their business management (collaborative tools and network systems) is impressive.

It has been experienced how VPNs and other types of remote access technologies have come under great pressure.

The most radical change occurs with the pandemic that has completely changed the entire organization and location when it comes to working.

Employees have moved the office home in bulk by connecting from different locations and through multiple devices, connecting across a public network across the board.

This is a real challenge for offices that need their professionals to connect securely to their business network.

SD-WAN networks come into play for the improvement and implementation of solutions.

According to a study of 250 companies, 40% of them expect to spend more on network infrastructure in the next year.

In addition, almost half of those surveyed (48%) recognized that they would increase their budget in automated platforms that tend to reduce manual network management.

43% reported that they plan to increase investment in cloud management platforms.

The Great Challenge of SD-WAN Deployments

Starting in 2021 and with the post-COVID Era, business organizations must think of long-term solutions capable of addressing the new needs for telecommuting.

This implies a large-scale challenge that includes, among others, the optimization of applications in the cloud, more dynamic networks and an objective view of the activity to be able to carry it out efficiently.

The takeoff of SD-WAN globally in recent months advances the mission of independent management of WAN networks.

Providers of this type of network envision the defence of private networks that think about the end-user and guarantee the ability to provide optimal customer service.

Technology providers at this time, especially for SD-WAN solutions, are the key to clarifying any doubt about the implementation and efficiency of this type of network.

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