These Are The Reasons To Bet on Cloud Storage.


One of the technological pillars of companies today is a storage system that guarantees data durability and continuous availability. Since data is more important and decisive for the company’s future, it is increasingly necessary to adapt and approach new storage solutions, such as Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage is nothing more than Cloud storage. It is the solution that comes from combining storage with the benefits of the Cloud and going from having isolated hardware on-premises to using native cloud resources dispersed to create a native cloud storage system.

Cloud storage must be designed around a different set of principles to take full advantage of a cloud environment than those used in device-based systems.

The Advantages of Cloud Storage

The design of the cloud storage system will benefit from the advantages of working in the Cloud. One of them is flexibility since when it comes to processing the data to be stored, we are not limited by fixed resources (those we have acquired for the facilities). Still, the Cloud provides us with elastic resources, both for computing and memory and space. Of storage that we can use, expand or reduce in a matter of minutes.

Also, unused resources are not wasted but can be used for other tasks. When we need to consume more resources per transaction, we can do it easily as long as this brings some tangible benefit, such as better performance.

It should always be borne in mind that the resources are not fixed in cloud systems but can be expanded or reduced according to demand. That is the big difference between one approach and another.

In the same way that Cloud computing automates many of the management tasks that control resources, Cloud Storage automates the management of storage resources.

It also changes how data is managed, as these systems handle large data sets. At a low level, they are represented so that the data does not depend on the access methods used by the applications. The traditional separation between primary and secondary storage becomes redundant and expendable.

For those who have doubts regarding the security of Cloud Storage, it should be said that the same principles that guide security in the Cloud, in general, apply to this service. It must also be remembered that security is something that evolves. It is changing and has to adapt quickly to all the changes that occur, especially on the attacker’s side.

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