How To See Deleted Reddit Posts?

See Deleted Reddit Posts

Reddit is a forum website or simply called as a discussion platform where people share their ideas and knowledge on every topic. Reddit had more than 55 million active users worldwide in 2023. This is one of the popular social media platforms where people share their complete knowledge on various subjects. Everyone can join in this platform, it is free to use. There is also an option called upvote and downvote for every post and comment in reddit. You can vote for the information as per your wish.

Sometimes while we are browsing reddit we can see some deleted posts by administrators. We cannot see a post directly in reddit if it is deleted by the admin. Here in this article we will let you know How to See Deleted Reddit Posts. Let’s jump into the process.

How To See Deleted Reddit Posts?

If you came across a deleted post in reddit then if you are eager to see what is in that deleted post, this article will help you. We will explain the process to See Deleted Reddit Posts. We cannot see deleted posts directly on reddit For seeing those Posts and comments on reddit we need to use third party platform like

  • ReSavr
  • Removeddit
  • Use ceddit
  • Wayback Machine
  • Undelete Reddit Comments

Below we had explained one by one clearly.

See Deleted Reddit Posts By ReSavr

Resavr is one of the best tools to See Deleted Reddit Posts. This website can extract up to 650 characters from deleted posts or comments. Below are some steps that can explain you more clearly on how to use this Resavr

  • First go to the Resavr website
  • On the home page you can see a search box.
  • In that enter the post title or the reddit username.
  • Now you can see the recently deleted comments by the user with limited characters.
  • By using those characters you can search for the total post in other platforms


Removeddit is one of the easy ways to view deleted reddit posts. This website works by restoring the cached version of the original page. Removeddit has an option of bookmarklet, you can make it bookmark so that you can view the deleted content. In future also when you see the deleted post then with the help of bookmark you can easily view the deleted Reddit posts.

Use Ceddit

Ceddit is another website which helps us to view deleted reddit posts in an easy way. Similar to other websites in this website also we just need to enter the url or title name of the post that is deleted from reddit in the search box. It will show the complete information of the deleted post with all the comments along with the upvotes and downvotes to the posts and comments.

Wayback Machine To See Deleted Reddit Posts

Wayback Machine is one of the best websites to retrieve the deleted posts of reddit. Not only reddit, this tool will save many other websites archived web page versions in its storage. You can use this tool with the steps mentioned below

  • Open the wayback machine website homepage
  • Enter the post title or URL of the reddit post that you want to see.
  • Remove unnecessary html from the URL.
  • Now you can See Deleted Reddit Posts that you are searching for.

Undelete Reddit Comments

Undelete Reddit Comments is an chrome extension that can be used to see the deleted reddit posts. This tool may not help to view the deleted posts and comments directly. Only cached data will be shown. Firstly we need to download the extension and then we need to cache the reddit posts and comments on this extension. Once it is cached then you can see them even if the admin deleted those posts and comments.


The above mentioned methods are the most common methods to See Deleted Reddit Posts. There are many other methods we can use like google cache method to archive the deleted reddit posts or comments. If you know any other processes or methods to view deleted comments and posts you can drop them in the comment section. Our editorial team will analyze them and if they fit into our article then they will definitely add.

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