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One in five people you know professionally is on LinkedIn. Do you operate globally? Then statistically, you will find every ninth contact from your network there. It is a social medium in which being represented is part of it. We describe the value of LinkedIn for marketing, sales and recruiting. And we clarify how you can use 4 measures to increase the LinkedIn success of your company.

LinkedIn – A Trendsetter For More Than 10 Years

One of the oldest platforms, yet a lively and fresh social network.

What distinguishes LinkedIn’s style is its unconditional focus on user needs. This generates a continuous development and adaptation of useful, freely accessible functions.

The use of #hashtags at #LinkedIn has always been based on user behaviour: their use has been promoted again for several years, and niche, branded, trending, community and weekly hashtags are recommended. True to the motto: Less is more. At most, five hashtags per post are the official recommendation, and companies should also heed the tip to combine specific hashtags with stronger, non-specific hashtags.

LinkedIn’s digital growth and adulthood without losing its identity as a network is a background to its success. It also shows that digital success requires proximity to the customer, which is rewarded in the long term.

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Use LinkedIn For Lead Generation

This title sticks to the network as one of the most popular social platforms in the business. As early as 2015, it had risen to 3rd place in popularity among business leaders in a general comparison of social networks.

The connection between the profiles of individuals and companies, the transparency of individual competencies and career steps make LinkedIn draw from this popularity. What endures on LinkedIn apply?

Researchers have proven that traffic generated via LinkedIn has the best and highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate among the various social networking platforms. Effectively, the numbers are higher than on Facebook and Twitter. The reason for this is the excellent reputation. The conclusion is that LinkedIn will continue to generate leads for companies in the B2B sector increasingly.

Act As An Opinion Leader In The Industry

If you want to present yourself as a brand, LinkedIn is one of the most effective channels. Because how does a name, a contribution, or a novelty establish itself? – Talking!

The professional distribution of content on LinkedIn means direct contributions to an industry’s discourse. One contributes to public exchange and thus also becomes a conversation.

Cleverly used, the social network helps to establish a brand as an industry leader. Of course, through contributions (in all format versions), comments and events.

Since the platform has looked closely at user behaviour and considered user needs, it also enables your company to join groups, form forums, and network with key people and opinion leaders in your industry.

Distributing your content and interacting with relevant stakeholders (and their content) helps companies strategically position themselves as key influencers in the industry. The result is that your sales team is also operating from an unexpectedly advantageous position.

Give The Company Personality

Any social network that works improves human-to-human relationships. This is what makes an open, democratic, respectful exchange possible. As a platform for business relationships, LinkedIn stands for exactly that.

It could be because this network works excellently as a recruiting platform. Seventy-five of the Fortune 100 companies find their staff here.

The many profitable collaborations that LinkedIn has established maintain a positive image. In times of transformation in the labour market, companies and employees find each other here faster, better and more than ever.

4 Steps To Make Your Best Impression On LinkedIn

Establishing a professional profile Completeness and fulfillment of the basic requirements are the top priority for the company profile. Use descriptive formulations in the benefits presentation and positioning of your company. Maintaining your profile is a task for the whole company. Encourage employees to interact. Assign important admins and delegate tasks, from the editorial plan to landing pages, focus pages or company posts, including hashtags.

Provide Opportunities with Relevant Content A LinkedIn Company Page needs a clear purpose. Would you like to discuss relevant developments? Represent your corporate culture? Or become the source of industry news? – Depending on the objective, you should create a persona. Which personality is it that you want to address optimally here? – This is the only way to plan the form and content of your contributions meaningfully. Offer your personal inspiration, experience, and help in the form they expect.  

Cultivate relationships: Posts with pictures, videos, articles, events, and job offers – all publications on LinkedIn are offers for interaction. Every interaction is worth noting. 

First, use the potential of your employees. Network with industry giants. Cooperate! And communicate directly and in suitable groups that use your personas to round off your opinion. 

Be Reliable: Whatever you do on and with LinkedIn, always ensure factual and conventional stability regarding your appearance. Only publish what your company stands for.

This starts with authenticity, brand loyalty, and the uniqueness of your presentation and leads to regular contributions, presence in relevant forums and proactive strategies to meet new customers and partners. All of this takes planning and attention. The best way to recognize your reliability is to take the voices of your network seriously.

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