Shattering Stereotypes: Redefining Gender Norms in Sports Fashion

Sports Fashion

Sports fashion is now having a transformative change. This evolution goes up against age-old gender norms. In this era, inclusivity and diversity are the focus. We must talk about its invasion in various forms. Thus, we need to deal with how gender bias has dug into sports fashion.

This article delves into how gender bias has seeped into the sports fashion field. We will see its effects on sports fashion. We will also discuss why there is an urgent need for gender-fluid collegiate wear. On top of that, we will take you through the steps to select gender-neutral styles. And lastly, we will mention three leading brands with gender-neutral products.

How Has Gender Bias Crept into Fashion?

Even today, the common notion is that sports is all about males. Only a few fields like tennis may have female players. But rest, like racing, swimming, cycling, etc. are not for the fairer sex. Such sex-based norms are seen in the clothing designs for sportswear too. Even marketing tactics show sex bias. Thus, sports fashion is now a mirror to reflect society’s gender norms. Sports brands are selling clothes distinctly for males and females. It has become an apparel world for men versus women.

How is Sports Fashion Being Affected by Gender Bias?

The field of sports fashion should cheer for athleticism above all. No matter if the player is a man or a woman, they should be promoted. However, inclusivity is lacking in this industry. Some sports brands are going for a binary division in clothing. This sorting-out method fosters the idea of gender norms in sports. Also, the faces of the brands are rarely female athletes. There are always more muscular, more flashy male colleagues on the brand ads.

We can go by the trends. It shows us many sports fashion brands are even going for fashion over functionality. While men have their fitted, cool jerseys, females have skirts to show off their aesthetics. This might lead to sports clothing that fails to fit the diverse body types. Such clothes also do not meet the needs of athletes across all genders.

Why is Gender-Fluid Sportswear Needed?

The biases seen in the sports fashion of old times are awful. This calls for some gender-fluid sportswear to serve the athletes of the new age. Here is why it’s a necessity:

  1. Inclusivity: The rise of gender-fluid sportswear can ensure inclusivity. There will be a new sports world. There, the players will be seen by their skills and not their sexes. 
  2. Comfort and Performance: Sports clothes that defy all rigid norms amp up an athlete’s scores. These give them great comfort and boost their performance. Such clothes adapt to varied body types too. 
  3. Breaking Stereotypes: Modern sportswear can go up against the stereotypes. This helps them in fostering an inclusive sports culture. It lets the athletes perform without the fear of judgment.
  4. Freedom of Expression: Gender-neutral sports clothes are the key to freedom. Even if an athlete wants to explore their genders, they can go for these clothes. These styles show nothing is as black and white as man and woman.  

How Can You Choose a Gender-Neutral Style?

You should opt for a gender-neutral style in sports fashion. But this liberating choice can be quite confusing. Here’s a guide with tips to help you find your own gender-neutral look!

  1. Prioritize Fit: Seek outfits that focus on fit over gender labeling. Find out your perfect size and go for the pieces that morph to your body type. 
  2. Versatile Colors and Designs: Pick the colors and designs that speak to you. No matter your gender or your age, build your own style with versatile, diverse options.
  3. Functionality: Functionality should be prime when selecting sportswear. As a player, fashion is not your worry, it is how you can perform in those clothes. So, you should prioritize the performance features. 
  4. Unisex Collections: Explore the unisex or gender-neutral options in the market. Nowadays, many progressive sports brands offer such custom collegiate apparel. These are designed to break down gender norms.

Top 3 Brands With Clothes that Break Gender Norms

  1. Nike: This trailblazer has broken gender norms with their products. Their sportswear range is both gender-neutral and inclusive.
  2. PrepSports: This brand specializes in comfortable sportswear. Their products offer you no gender bias, and only great performance. 
  3. Adidas: They have launched the “Love Unites” collection. It boasts a huge array of sportswear to speak for diversity and inclusivity.


Sports fashion is changing our view of gender norms. Some sports brands have joined hands to shatter such stereotypes. Already, enormous strides have been made in this field. Sustainable clothes with gender fluidity are the need of the hour. Choosing gender-neutral styles is our duty as athletes. You can contribute to the movement against gender bias by going for these outfits. 

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