Popular Career Opportunities That You Can Opt after Diploma in Fashion Design


Do you have a knack for swapping sweatpants for chinos and pairing them with oversized denim drawing an artful ensemble? Or do you know when fare belted trenches are in, billowing silhouettes are out, and brightly coloured gowns with floral motifs can never go wrong? Then fashion designing is your métier.

While the dynamic industry is constantly evolving and challenging to break into, it is also abuzz with fashion design career options after a diploma. Especially if you opt for a reputed institute like Pearl Academy, you will imbibe an in-depth understanding of future-driven fashion designing.

From interning at a high-street studio to getting your first independent assignment, newcomers often start with pursuing a fashion degree. Here are five popular career avenues for fashion degree graduates.

Fashion Designer

Whether it was Vera Wang’s chic luxe collections or Stella McCartney’s socially conscious best-sellers that inspired you to dip your toes in the fashion industry, as a fashion designer, you will develop your approach of styling and tailoring clothes. Fashion designers sketch outfits and accessories, study fashion trends, choose fabrics and colours, and help create clothing for fashion studios, labels, and retailers.

Fashion designers can also design accessories, including scarves, belts, handbags, hats, and hosiery. Besides, they can work as couturiers for ready-to-wear houses, fashion stylists, or celebrities.

Product Developer

Another exciting fashion design career option after diploma is product development. Product developers typically have a design background focusing on the fashion and retail domain and develop fashion-focused products for fashion houses or retail companies. The field requires developers to work on seasonal collections and prepare design concept and prototypes.
Additional responsibilities include overseeing final samples, visiting offshore units to review production and progress, collaborating with factories, sourcing different fabrics and trims, furnishing inventory with raw materials, and regularly communicating with vendors.

Creative Pattern Maker

Creative pattern makers are responsible for developing templates of various fashion products, including shoes, swimwear, clothes, constructing garments, and resolving any quality and fitting issues. The design templates aligning with defined aesthetics and the comfort and wearability characteristics of the products.
Besides, they ensure that the products are consistent with industrial reproducibility. After that, these products are mass-produced for retail brands and fashion labels. To become a patternmaker, mastery in digital fashion designing tools is a must.
At globally renowned fashion institutes like Pearl Academy, students explore the latest 3D printing and laser tools and other cutting-edge technologies prevalent in the modern global fashion industry.

Fashion Coordinator

Fashion coordinators work in various spaces, including retail stores, design houses, fashion magazines, etc. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the current and the latest trends in the fashion industry reflects in their company’s styling. Besides, they bring together the patternmakers, fabrics department, and the manufacturing unit to customise products as per the upcoming fashion trends.

Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion merchandising is the perfect career choice for those interested in business management, marketing, and fashion. Fashion merchandisers are responsible for capitalising on consumers’ interests, marketing the right product at the right price, forecasting the popularity of garments, colours, fabrics, and more.

Additionally, they ensure putting up fresh displays at stores to highlight the latest products aligning with the season trends.

Summing up

From sourcing materials, overseeing manufacturing, styling retail stores to outfits lined up in consumers’ closets, a lot of work goes on in between. Fashion is an enormous business today, evolving by the minute, and the industry has scores of fashion design career options after diploma than just designing clothes. If you live and breathe fashion, and these avenues appeal to you, this is your moment to shine!

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