How Does SMS Marketing Impact Your Company’s Strategy?


Today 92% of the population has a mobile phone and marketing departments have taken advantage of the SMS to open a direct line of communication with their customers

Thanks to new technologies and multiple platforms, companies have new opportunities to reach a much broader spectrum, which represents a considerable growth in lead generation and sales.

Mobile marketing or also known as SMS marketing is the automated sending of text messages . Its mission is mainly to communicate offers, promotions, communications, resolve doubts, incidents and alerts.

It is not that looking for clients is an arduous task and requires a huge job. Customers do not come alone, for that reason companies have to go out and look for them and establish lating communication and relationships.

A Very Effective Way To Interact With Customers

This has caused the development of tools to facilitate this activity. Today 92% of the population has a mobile phone and marketing departments have taken advantage of the SMS to open a direct line of communication with their customers .

Mobile marketing or SMS marketing is a very effective way to interact with customers, but it must be done correctly so as not to fall into spam.

SMS marketing must be carried out under a strategy and following some basic criteria :

  • Have the clients’ consent to receive information through this channel
  • Take special care of the shipping schedule . Mobile messages open almost immediately, for that reason you have to take into account when they are sent, so as not to bother consumers at the same time. It should be noted that some countries have restrictions when it comes to sending commercial messages.
  • Include a sender , that is, the name of the company. We want customers to know that it is us and with so many frauds committed by this channel, consumers should know who send,s them a coupon or an offer.

In most of the companies they have ample Databases that is why it is necessary that to make mass shipments is to have tools such as Spot Hit, a company specialized in mobile marketing , with an online loyalty / prospecting campaign management platform, dedicated to the companies. Therefore, companies create campaigns to send SMS text messages, email, voice, by letter and can rent prospecting files.

What Does SMS Marketing Contribute?

The benefits of SMS marketing for company strategies are numerous and there are already many companies that perceive them in their relationship with customers and in their income statement:

  • Sending campaigns at an economical price
  • You can customize the message and add the sender, which is very important
  • A direct channel and although companies are not taking advantage of it so much, it is a trend in full growth
  • It should be noted that it has an opening rate of almost 98%. When users receive an SMS even if out of curiosity they open it. Therefore, if the text is attractive, there is a much higher probability that the client interacts and is interested in our proposal.
  • Metrics, with the appropriate platforms, can analyze the opening data and the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Define the message, short texts, keywords and call to action
  • Various uses and purposes: offers, notices, alerts, doubts, purchase confirmation, new catalog announcement, customer service channel or remember a default
  • Short messages, no more than 160 characters.

SMS marketing, in addition to providing immediacy with customers, allows us to take advantage of this channel so that the client feels special, taking care of it is a key factor for loyalty .

The objective of the SMS is not limited to sending promotions, this channel can also be used to conduct surveys and ask for customer ratings, thus improving your customer service and experience.

The Value Of A Planned Strategy

Using SMS marketing is a technique that works, but to be really effective you have to follow a planned strategy and use platforms with a multitude of functionalities that will greatly facilitate the work of the marketing and commercial departments.

For example;

  • Secure delivery
  • Segmentation
  • Create your own templates
  • Contact Management
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Organize your network

SMS marketing is a perfect complement to email marketing and in a short time you can see the results, especially if you rely on a platform like Spot Hit, which offers, among other features, an easy-to-use interface, advisor at your disposal, Registration without obligation and a free trial.

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