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The Fifth-Generation Technology – 5G Expands In The World

In recent years people have been talking about Fifth Generation Technology. This mobile technology will increase the speed of connections, minimize the network’s response time, and increase the number of connected devices. In other words, it will be possible for users to stay connected to any information link faster. The parts of urban furniture in […]

What Will Change When 5G Becomes The Standard?

5G – A Revolution We live in a time and world that is increasingly dominated by technology. Day-to-day life without access to any aspect of the electronic devices and the worldwide link is in principle neither imaginable nor feasible. And development is progressing rapidly. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been important topics in the […]

LTE – What is It and Advantages & Disadvantages

The LTE standard is increasingly establishing itself for high bandwidths in mobile communications. We explain to you what LTE is and what advantages it brings. definition LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and thus represents a fourth-generation (4G) cellular standard. Theoretically, transmission rates of up to 300 Mbit / s are possible. At the moment, […]

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