LTE – What is It and Advantages & Disadvantages


The LTE standard is increasingly establishing itself for high bandwidths in mobile communications. We explain to you what LTE is and what advantages it brings.


LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and thus represents a fourth-generation (4G) cellular standard. Theoretically, transmission rates of up to 300 Mbit / s are possible. At the moment, LTE contracts are still comparatively expensive, but this is likely to change drastically in the coming years.

Advantages of LTE

The advantages of LTE are obvious. The technology offers a significantly higher transmission rate. In addition, the basic concept is based on UMTS, so that upgrading has become particularly easy for numerous mobile phone providers. Accordingly, LTE is already widespread today. You can find out more about this in our article ” What is 3G? “.

LTE is particularly attractive for remote rural regions. Since there is often no DSL connection available there, LTE is an alternative. In terms of bandwidth, this is enormously superior to numerous regular DSL connections.

Disadvantages of LTE

Despite all its advantages, LTE also has significant disadvantages. The expansion is making excellent progress, but the supply is still not completely guaranteed. Anyone who hoped for LTE as an alternative to DSL connection may be disappointed.

To make matters worse, the very high prices for LTE packages so far. The providers can pay for the purchase and the expansion of the network with good money. The offers are not overpriced. But when it comes to price-performance ratio, LTE cannot keep up with a regular DSL connection.

It is precisely the traffic limitation that is frequently encountered that causes the most problems. Usually, only a few gigabytes can be transferred before the speed of the LTE connection is significantly reduced. for Best VPN services you can opt for privatnostonline.

How good is the LTE coverage?

In around 12 federal states, 90 percent of the areas with so-called broadband gaps, i.e. without high-speed Internet, should already be supplied with LTE. In the course of the expansion, LTE is also slowly finding its way into the suburbs of large cities and city centers themselves.

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