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Most Companies Have Reached An “Intermediate or Advanced Level” Of Cloud Usage

Most companies have reached an “intermediate or advanced level” of cloud usage. More than half (54%) of organizations are at an intermediate or advanced level of cloud use. Cloud-enabled business transformation has become a priority. This is as organizations grapple with global supply chain issues, cybersecurity threats, and geopolitical instability. All organizations of all sizes […]

What Is Data Quality? How To Manage It?

What Is Data Quality? Data quality considers criteria like correctness, consistency, integrity, and usability when determining the state of your data. A perfect score in each of these areas indicates high-quality data, which is the optimum type to employ for processing and analysis. One of your company’s most valuable resources is data. Poor data quality […]

Ignorance Is No Excuse – Why it’s More Important Than Ever To Have Visibility Into Your Business’s Data

We are living in an increasingly digital world. A realm where more and more of our critical information is stored on the web. A society where the sum total of someone’s life is just a few hacks away. In light of this, it’s baffling that so many businesses don’t have visibility into their data. If […]

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