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Identity Theft On The Internet – The Keys To Respond

Phishing is a type of cyberattack that can get you into serious trouble. Sometimes, people with malicious intent track personal information that they later use to impersonate their victims in front of companies, institutions, or even others around them. On the plus side, this type of cyber threat, like most network risks, can be avoided […]

How To Secure Your Computer Network

The modern world is technology driven, and computer networks underpin many aspects of everyday life. Computer network security is now a significant issue for businesses and individuals because it protects their data and systems against potential threats. Securing computer networks involves implementing measures to prevent, detect, and manage cybersecurity incidents. These measures may include controls […]

Ten Simple Tips To Improve IT Security In The Company

IT security is often underestimated in companies, although it can often be significantly and cheaply improved significantly. Arguments like “know who I’d be interested in” or “I don’t have time for” are just excuses. The risk of attacks and troubleshooting costs are higher than you think. After a pair of articles on mobile security – […]

Why A Zero Trust Security Platform Is The Best Way To Protect Your Data

In recent years, there has been a move to allow employees to use unmanaged devices to connect to business applications over the Internet. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated moves in this direction. When people connect any device they want to an organization’s network, Zero Trust architecture becomes a must. Unfortunately, there has been substantial confusion about […]

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