Hdintranet Login Process – A Comprehensive Guide


At present everything around us is getting digitized and the old process of documentation is vanishing. Mainly from the time of Covid everyone is implementing digital solutions in their offices, organizations, schools, restaurants and hospitals. These digital services are very helpful to the employees, employers as well as customers of their organization. Hdintranet is also one such digital service that we are going to discuss in our article today. We are also going to explain the process of how to do Hdintranet Login and how to access its features clearly.

What Is Hdintranet?

Hdintranet is an online portal which is available for the employees of the Heartland Dental. Hdintranet is also called Heartland Dental Intranet. Heartland Dental is one of the popular and well known dental support groups which has its branches established all over the united states. This organization provides non clinical support to all the dentists across the country for their personal and professional growth as dentists. It has more than 800 dental offices across the 34 states of The US. It was founded in 1996 by Rick Workman.

Hdintranet portal is mainly designed for its employees. They can check and access all the information by logging into the portal with their credentials. The main services offered by this organization are as follows

  • Compliance support.
  • Back-office administrative support.
  • Latest News and announcements.
  • Leadership development.
  • Job Listings.
  • Marketing and advertising support.
  • Company Policies and Procedures
  • Continuing education.
  • Patient scheduling and management.
  • Training Materials and Resources.
  • Career Development Tools
  • Human resources support.
  • Financial management.

In the below article we will let you know the process of Hdintranet Login and sign up.

Hdintranet Login Process


It is very easy process and will be completed in two simple steps that we mentioned below

  • First go to the login page https://portal.heartland.com/my.policy
  • Now enter your username or email address and password.
  • Click on login.
  • That’s it you will be taken to the Hdintranet dashboard where you can access all the features.

If your account is inactive or suspended then it will not open.

How To Sign Up In Hdintranet Dental?

For an account in Hdintranet, first you must be an employee of Heartland Dental. Then only you will be eligible for Hdintranet Login.

  • When you join Heartland Dental they will send you a registration link to your email.
  • Click on that link and enter your employee ID and password which was given at the time of joining.
  • Now create your Hdintranet account by filling all the required details.
  • Set your password and submit. Now your account is created.

If you forget the password of your account you can restore it with the help of the registered email. We can generate the new password from the link which is sent to our mail.

Main Benefits of Hdintranet

Below are the benefits that the organization and employees of the Heartland Dental will get from this online portal.

  1. Effective Training of employees and Onboarding process.
  2. Increased Efficiency and Productivity in organization.
  3. Better and improved Patient Care With the help of digitalization.
  4. Strengthened Team Collaboration.
  5. Seamless Compliance and smooth flow of work.
  6. Easy for Task and Event Management.
  7. We can get the total Employee Directory and Profiles at one place.
  8. Secure Messaging and Instant Communication with the team.


Hdintranet Online portal is a completely safe and secure one. The information is also completely secure except the administration and the employees no one can access the data from this portal. With the help of this online portal all the employees can check their profile and details in the portal and can also apply for leaves from this portal itself.

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