The Challenge Of Data Protection: How Startups Create The Right Conditions

Data Protection

The idea was born, and the launch of the new startup is imminent. Guidelines and laws are complied with, the required and qualified staff has been found, the first funding forms have been submitted, the business account has been set up, and the hope for success is huge.

Workshops and networking can help to find the right contacts and tips that can drive the startup’s success. The new brand has to be established first, and certain mistakes can be avoided with the help of experienced people.

But one topic is certainly one of the most important for a startup: data protection. Which software should be used? Do you hire an external data protection officer, or do you train one yourself in the company? The data protection regulation must be observed, and data protection errors must be avoided. And, of course, the customer should be protected.

What Do Startups Have To Consider When It Comes To Data Protection?

The company website looks great, is informative, and gives future customers all the necessary information. But does the website meet data protection requirements? Can an imprint be found on the site? Is the information on data protection in the correct format with the required information?

Free programs on the Internet take a close look at websites. A company specializing in data protection has to be paid for, but you can be sure that the homepage will be put through its paces.

Depending on the size and topic of the startup, special management systems are installed on the server and make all the necessary adjustments automatically.

The Advantages Of A Data Protection Officer

From a staff of 20 people, a startup should consider appointing an internal data protection officer or employing an external consultant. This guarantees that data protection rules are observed and that the startup is classified as serious. Anyone who collects data from their customers via the website to send them a newsletter or special offers must know how they are allowed to process or use them. This is also the task of the data protection officer in the startup.

This well-trained person also pays attention to whether the tools used for marketing purposes comply with the GDPR or not. The country in which the data processing is carried out is also decisive. If the location is outside the EU – for example, in the USA – then separate guidelines require further measures.

Tips For Secure Data Traffic

Privacy for startups is essential, that’s for sure. Many mistakes that can easily happen in everyday life can be avoided. Strong passwords protect the company and important data on the computer. You should activate the screensaver and secure your PC if you leave your workplace.

Software should only be used by certified manufacturers and by in-house IT. Downloading third-party software from the Internet or getting it from a friend should be taboo. A virus is easy to install, and the extent of the problem can be difficult to grasp.

If you also use your company laptop privately at home, you should not install any games for your children or any private applications. The danger of catching malware is very serious. Users should only use an encrypted WLAN and pay attention to which data is stored in the cloud.

Following a few simple steps can make a big contribution to data security. In this way, every startup presents itself as serious and can soon keep up with its competitors and avoid a warning or penalty for a data protection violation.

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