The Cloud As A “Mission-Critical” Technology

Mission-Critical_ Technology

As providers of services in the Cloud, advisors for digital transformation, and partners of many companies, we know that the Cloud is an essential technology for any company, whatever its size and activity sector, to continue ahead in a market as competitive as the actual.

This, which seems so obvious, is not so for many companies, especially if they are small. In this type of company, the IT department can be reduced to a single person, it is even possible that there is no department as such, and there is usually a significant barrier when thinking that the expense of migrating to the Cloud can be limiting. Fortunately, we have already been concerned with breaking down most of the most common barriers to cloud computing.

A new study from Cloudreach and IDC, ” Cloud Trends 2021, ” surveyed more than 200 CIOs about the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on cloud usage and digital transformation. Among the most common responses, 27.5% stand out who stated that large-scale migration to the public cloud was ” essential for the survival ” of their business.

This is so because, practically a year ago, in times of strict confinement, those who had physical infrastructure were at a disadvantage and, therefore, they struggle to execute the digitization completely so as not to see themselves again in a similar case.

What happened in 2020, especially what these companies were not prepared for at the time, will be part of the strategic planning for the next decade. Therefore, when considering the Cloud as essential, you have to carefully plan when things can go wrong.

For example, interruptions are rare in most services, but also in most cases, they are caused by human error. Therefore, there is a need to better plan for business continuity and disaster recovery systems, as well as to maintain consistent redundancy between different cloud services and providers.

In this way, more and more companies are becoming aware that Cloud Computing is not just an option, but that it is the path that we must all follow in order to maintain an operational capacity with resilience to any unforeseen event; scalable, so that our business can grow easily, or reduce the necessary resources in times of crisis; with very detailed cost control, thanks, above all, to the pay-per-use model.

We must not forget that, in addition, the regulations on data protection and privacy matters are increasingly demanding, so having a partner to guide us in these matters through the Cloud and the different contracted services will be essential. . The cost savings that companies can experience by not having the need to invest in experts on these issues is more than considerable and, without a doubt, one of the main reasons for opting for the Cloud.

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