The Digital Medium – The Medium Of The Future


Back in the 1980s, the media landscape was dominated by the Big Medium, television, with a genuinely spectacular penetration into all segments of society. At his side was the press that, with excellent solvency, managed a large part of the audience.

Opposite were the advertising agencies, whose power and bargaining power was weaker than the media.

Over time, audiences have changed, and television is getting older, and young people prefer digital. But in addition, the media landscape has changed radically today due to the growth and convergence of all media to one: the digital medium.

The digital medium emerged as a small-medium that relied on technology to serve advertising in a somewhat different way and, also, with a unique characteristic: everything could be measured. With time, the digital medium has grown unstoppably to become the second medium for advertising investment, and the trend continues to grow.

In addition, it has been achieved that the rest of the media are transforming to apply the same technology as the digital medium. This has a clear consequence: the digital medium brings together the rest of the press. Thus, we have digital media, television, radio, and all of them connected online.

Another characteristic of the digital medium is also unique: it is a multi-device medium. At present, we can establish five types of devices: smartphones, tablets, PC, Connected TV, and Digital Outdoor, and it has been shown that the disposition, attention, and interaction time of the user in each one of them is different.

The two characteristics mentioned, many media in one medium and multi-device, make it possible for us to generate a matrix of digital media that we must know and understand thoroughly to communicate efficiently. It is necessary to create a different advertising message for each type of support. It is not possible to pretend to serve the same banner in a communication medium read from the PC, as in a social network that has been accessed from a Smartphone.

All this and many other things make me firmly convinced that creativity and the media go hand in hand again.

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