The Most Important Basics For Successful Community Management On Facebook


A professionally managed Facebook page is a direct channel to your target group and your existing customers. It is one of the cornerstones of community management. With loyal fans and an active community, it represents an enormous asset for your marketing activities and helps to attract new customers. Ideally, it also reflects what customers think about you and your products and thus also offers the opportunity to respond directly to criticism and complaints.

To successfully set up and maintain a community, you need the technical infrastructure and human resources and the necessary know-how. After all, building a thriving community on Facebook requires continuous evaluation and optimization. A web-based society can only function if sufficient members can provide exciting content and lively activity with the moderating company. The central task of the acting social media managers is to design content and available incentives that enable, motivate and support exchange within the community. So, before you can even start building the community, there are a few things to consider.

Who Are You?

If you want to set up an official Facebook page for your company, you should also run and maintain it seriously. The internet and especially the users of social networks demand an open and honest dialogue. However, the interest in selling one’s products is not met with resentment from the outset (so-called social media troll) and will be penalized as long as you don’t try to access it through the back door. Please take this to present your company and the people behind it transparently. An additional tab is suitable for this, briefly portraying the employees working on the Facebook page. In addition, abbreviations can help the user quickly identify the author of the respective contribution. The company itself should, of course, not be neglected within the Facebook presence and can also be defined in more detail by a separate tab. On the one hand, these means give users the feeling of dialogue at eye level and, on the other hand, clearly differentiate your company from private accounts.

Create An Editorial Plan

As with all communication measures, it should be regulated when and what will be published by whom in advance. Strict adherence to an editorial plan prevents gaps, long pauses or delays in Facebook communication. As a rule, no more than 2-3 posts should be made per day, and this creates structure, and the users quickly get used to regular updates. Short posts with links to blog articles or your product landing page are ideal with a high posting frequency. Long product posts and asking too many questions should be avoided. It is sufficient for starters to plan the activity for two weeks, which allows a high degree of flexibility to react to unforeseen events or, if necessary, add additional posts daily.

The Sound Makes The Music

Think carefully about the mood and impression you want your posts to leave on the user. Become aware of the language and manners used within your target group – this is the only way to address them correctly. Of course, the “language” of your posts must also match the general appearance of your company. Is it a reputable company? This should also be reflected in the postings. If your products and communication measures are more aimed at a young, internet-savvy target group, Facebook is the perfect channel to become a bit more colloquial. However, you should decide on a suitable style and stick to it consistently. A quick answer to the posts or questions also gives your community users the feeling of being noticed and, above all, being taken seriously.

Optimize The Form And Content of Your Posts

The standard rule of thumb often applies here – content is king. You have to be able to assert yourself against the countless other posts in your users’ news feed with high-quality posts that are relevant to your target group. For example, breaking with natural patterns of perception and using memetic triggers or prompts to interact (“join in effect”) have proven particularly effective. Always reflect on the extent to which the content you offer is relevant to your target group and what added value it provides. Keep your posts as short as possible. Everything that cannot be recorded quickly or leads to an expanded view by clicking is unconsciously hidden or skimmed over by the user.
Well-asked questions can be a simple tool to increase engagement. Social web users like to be asked for their opinion and want to share their feelings and ideas – in addition, the direct address conveys a sense of appreciation. Paired with a meaningful image that arouses curiosity, they can significantly improve the edge rank of your posts.

Promote Your Facebook Page

A common mistake is to only promote your Facebook activities where they happen – on Facebook. Expand your focus – use all channels that are available to you and link them across media! It is often helpful to connect the private account with the company account using the “works at” function. Make your employees your figurehead and motivate them to identify with your company publicly. Mention the Facebook accounts of your business contacts or positive opinion leaders to increase your reach. Use your company’s official homepage for social plugins, a notice in upcoming print ads, and a footer in your newsletter- the selection of possibilities is enormous; they just have to be recognized and used!

In conclusion, it can be said: If you want to use the attractive potential efficiently, it is not enough to exist on Facebook. In particular, it is essential to delight. It convinces the readers with real-time information, innovative functions, and gripping content, motivating them to spread your posts further. Create authentic incentives and value for your customers without trying to push your community in the desired direction.


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