How To Improve The Internal Communication of Your Company?

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Communicating effectively within an organization can sometimes be a daunting task. Whether it is because the information flows do not work correctly, because the workers are unaware of how the company operates or because there are no spaces for dialogue, the reality is that getting the different individuals and departments to interact smoothly is not a simple task. To help you improve this situation, we have compiled several measures that you can implement in your business that will make a difference.

Hold Regular Meetings

In the day to day of a company, the most common thing is that we communicate with other colleagues or with our managers through written messages. However, this is not enough when seeking to strengthen internal communication since it is necessary to interact in person to get to know others. The objective of these assemblies is to share information jointly so that everyone can be updated and contribute their opinions, promote team cohesion and listen to the considerations of the staff.

Deliver a Welcome Manual

When a person joins to work in an organization, it is essential to transmit all relevant aspects of the company, such as, for example, what is the company’s mission, vision and values, its organization chart, its policy, the rules to follow and specific basic procedures. By carrying out this action, the new worker will obtain valuable information for their daily work. It will be easier for them to familiarize themselves with the environment, and they will feel more involved when they understand how they can add value.

If the company is going to prepare a welcome manual for the first time, it would be convenient if it were given to the recruits and the rest of the staff. In this way, your understanding of how the company works will increase.

Be Transparent

How those responsible for departments and projects communicate with their teams must be clear and direct. This will help speed up processes and increase the confidence that workers deposit with their superiors. In this sense, it is essential to communicate any news that may have arisen, whether negative or positive.

Send Newsletters And Internal Circulars.

An effective way of transmitting current news related to the company to the workforce is to send informative emails and documents that collect relevant information for workers.

The sending of internal newsletters is usually carried out every month, while, in general, the circulars are sent weekly. In the first case, the information shared usually includes content that is not related to the day-to-day running of the company, such as blog posts, success stories, employee interviews and events; In the second case, the usual thing is to incorporate those issues such as, for example, employee vacations, new hires and extraordinary situations that do influence daily operations. By making this type of mailing, workers will be able to have this news in writing, accessing it at any time.

Organize Events

An excellent way to encourage rapprochement and coexistence between the different employees of a company is by organizing parties, meals, celebrations or any other similar event. By meeting workers outside the work environment, they will feel freer to share and communicate in a relaxed way, which will help strengthen ties between staff members.

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