Things You Don’t Know About the Gambling Industry


Most people enjoy gambling and see it as an entertaining pastime. Also, it is an industry worth billions of dollars worldwide. However, most people only know the basics of gambling. For instance, everyone is aware that the house always wins. If we dig a bit deeper, we’ll discover many interesting facts the average player just doesn’t know about.

Crazy Facts About the Gambling Industry

The Casino Is Designed to Keep You There

Gambling is a business. Therefore, the more time you spend in a casino and Slot Machine, the more revenue it creates. That is why casinos have been designed to make you lose track of time. For instance, casinos have neither clocks nor windows. Midday and midnight look exactly the same when you are inside. Also, staff members do not wear watches, which makes it easy for gamblers to lose track of time. Even the free drinks or food offers you get have the same purpose: to keep you there. 

Gambling Plays a Significant Part in the Economy

Legal gambling alone plays a big part in the economy. In 2009, the gambling economy added up to about $335 billion, while in 2015, the Las Vegas Strip took in about $6.34 billion. Also, statistics estimate that about a quarter of the world’s population are gamblers. By 2025, this is a market expected to exceed about $670 billion. Besides that, one of the many benefits of gambling is the employment opportunities it creates for the local community. 

During Your Stay, Security Is Probably Watching You

You might assume the number of gamblers in a casino is too big, and no one is paying attention to you. However, that is not true. Keep in mind that most casinos have surveillance cameras covering entire floors.

Once you get inside, they can track your movements everywhere apart from the bathroom and your hotel room. Most of the time, surveillance cameras are used to monitor cheaters and criminals who want to prey on tourists. However, if the casino wants, they can also zoom in on your cards. 

Roulette Is One of the Most Popular Casino Games

Roulette is among the most intriguing games you will find in any casino establishment. It could be because it does not require a lot of learning to play. You simply need to know how to place bets and follow basic tips on playing the game.

An online roulette game comes with the same rules as a traditional casino version. One of the major differences is that the “traditional” roulette has a live dealer spinning the wheel, while in the online version, it is software that turns the wheels. 

One Can Voluntarily Ban Themselves From a Casino

If you find that your gambling addiction is getting out of hand, you can ban yourself from casinos in various states. This makes it a crime for you to step onto a gambling floor. If you are looking to kick the habit, this is something you should consider. You can choose to ban yourself for five years, ten years, or a lifetime. A lifetime ban means you are done with gambling for good. 

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