Top AWS Interview Questions to Prepare for Cloud Mastery

AWS Interview Questions

Day by day, the number of companies adopting the cloud model is growing, as it has been proven that companies using AWS services experience faster growth.

In the following blog, we will explore the key AWS interview questions for 2023, as well as reliable resources for training and acquiring knowledge. Additionally, we’ll cover the salary ranges you can achieve as an AWS professional.

Is There a High Demand for AWS Certified Professionals?

Yes, there is currently a high demand for certified professionals; however, this is a broad field that is expanding every day.

So, you should not be discouraged by this. Becoming an AWS professional is a great choice for professional growth, offering a promising future with opportunities for significant positions and salary ranges. You can get AWS certification from online.

Top 25 AWS Interview Questions and Answers for 2023

Below, we are going to look at practice questions and answers that you can use in any AWS interview, with varying levels of difficulty.

Basic AWS Interview Questions

What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, and it is the largest collection of cloud services, offering over 200 services related to storage, data centers, analytics, and more.

What are the features of AWS?

  • Access Control and Permissions
    It provides services to establish control policies, personalized access, permissions for each employee based on their role and position.
  • Manage and Monitor Accounts
    It offers tools to manage enterprise security, secure data, analyze, and control unwanted access.
  • Detailed Access Control
    You will be able to control and grant IAM permissions to specific individuals who can access the portfolio of products and modify them.
  • Scalability
    Allows companies to scale data quickly and easily as needed.

What is AMI?

Amazon Machine Image or AMI is a template that holds information about software such as applications or an operating system. It can be launched as an AMI copy and run as a virtual server within the cloud

What is S3?

Amazon S3 is an object storage service with scalable infrastructure, security, and performance. This is one of the most widely used services.

What is EC2?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is an elastic, scalable, and on-demand storage service. The use of EC2 reduces costs, allowing you to develop applications that run more quickly and configure networks and security.

AWS Interview Questions for Intermediate and Experience

How many subnets can you have per VPC?

200 subnets per VPC.

Define Amazon ElasticCache.

It is a web service that facilitates the management, configuration, and distribution of in-memory data caching in the cloud.

What is a Snowball?

It is a data transport (petabytes) that uses secure devices to transfer data in and out of the AWS cloud.

How many Elastic IPs can you create?

5 Elastic IPs per region.

What is VPC?

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud works to launch resources in an isolated virtual network. You can use AWS’s scalable resources and infrastructure.

Advanced AWS Interview Questions and Answers

What is auto scaling?

It is a feature provided by AWS to configure and activate instances without any intervention.

Can you vertically scale an Amazon instance?

Yes, you need to start an instance, then stop it, change the instance type, and start it again.

What are key pairs in AWS?

They are public and private keys used to prove your identity when connecting to an Amazon EC2 instance.

Give me a list of 3 parameters involved in S3 pricing.

  • Data transfer
  • Storage in use
  • Storage management

Difference between scalability and elasticity.

  • Scalability is the ability of a system to increase and handle a large volume of work as it grows.
  • Elasticity refers to the ability to use resources as workloads change.

AWS Scenario-based Questions

How would you install and configure Amazon CloudWatch to collect and analyze metrics and set up alarms for critical events?

  • Create a dashboard to visualize CloudWatch metrics.
  • Configure CloudWatch metrics
  • Set up CloudWatch metric alarms.
  • Configure CloudWatch events.
  • Enable CloudWatch logs.
  • Ensure you have the necessary IAM permissions.
  • View metrics and create alarms.
  • Regularly review and adjust metrics and alarms for continuous monitoring.

How would you resolve the situation where you have a web server on an EC2 instance that can access the web, but no one else can access your web server?

Following these steps would address this issue:

  • Verify Security Group Rules
  • Review Firewall Rules on the Instance
  • Connect to the Instance via SSH
  • Check Network Configuration
  • Confirm Web Server Configuration
  • Review Application and System Logs
  • Consider Additional Security Configurations

What service would you recommend for sending and receiving emails using the email address and domain to achieve this?

I would use Amazon SES, which is a cloud-based service for sending and receiving emails in this manner, and it is cost-effective and easy to use.

In what scenario would you use Amazon S3 services?
I would use Amazon S3 to store large amounts of data, static files, documents, or backups, taking advantage of the scalability of this service.
What challenges could you expect as an AWS Solutions Architect?

  • Designing scalable and secure solutions
  • Optimizing costs and resources based on needs
  • Effectively integrating AWS services
  • Resolving complex problems

Technical and Non-Technical AWS Interview Questions

What is PaaS?

It is a cloud computing service that provides a flexible cloud platform, allowing you to run applications in the cloud.

What is Amazon SES?

It is an email platform that enables you to send and receive emails using your own domains.

Describe the function of Amazon RDS and mention some of its supported database engines.

Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) is a managed database service that supports database engines such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and Oracle.

What do you believe is the biggest challenge when working with cloud solutions?

The biggest challenge when working with cloud solutions is ensuring the security and privacy of data, in addition to optimizing operational efficiency.

How do you stay informed about updates in AWS?

I stay informed by participating in courses, reading materials, attending events, utilizing official documentation, and engaging in online communities.

Best Practices When Answering AWS Questions During an Interview

  • Stay Updated

You should always be in constant learning so that as technologies and services advance, you can provide excellent service to companies.

  • Review Basic Content

Don’t focus solely on reviewing advanced concepts; basic concepts will be fundamental, so keep them in mind as you prepare.

  • Stay Calm and Speak Slowly

I know that during an interview, you may feel nervous, and that’s normal. The important thing is to take a deep breath, speak slowly, and use pauses so that each answer is clearly understood.

  • Review Company Needs

Study the company where you want to work; this will give you extra points during the interview. It’s always good to demonstrate interest in contributing to the company’s improvement rather than just focusing on the job and money.

Recommended Online Resources To Prepare For AWS Interview Questions

There are various resources that cater to different study methods, such as guides, courses, and video tutorials. All of them are effective for preparation. Here are some of them:

Study matérials and official documentation

AWS Documentation

With Amazon’s official documentation, you can study and review your knowledge in each of the areas, including helpful guides, tutorials, examples, and more.


Scribd | AWS Interview Questions and Answers

With this 33-page guide, you can reinforce your knowledge for the interview. It also includes practice questions and answers.


Online courses

Udemy | AWS Interview Questions and Answers

In this course, you will learn how to answer questions and prepare for the interview. It has a duration of 3 hours and is designed for students looking to secure their first job.


Intellipaat | Top 70+ AWS Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

This course will help you gain experience for your AWS professional interview.


Practice tests and simulations

Turing | 100 most important AWS interview questions and answers for 2023

This simulation provides you with 100 questions and answers for your interview. You have the option to hide the answers, allowing you to practice your knowledge and assess if your response is correct.


Naresh Technologies | AWS Interview Questions and Answers

This is an interview simulation featuring basic to advanced questions along with their answers to verify your response.


Books and Guides

Amazon | AWS Top Interview Questions and Answers – Amazon Web Services: Face the Amazon Web Services Interview with Confidence

This book will assist you in your interview preparation. It is easy to understand and highly useful for reviewing at any time.

Everand | Amazon Web Services (AWS) Interview Questions and Answers

You can better understand each topic and prepare easily for your AWS professional interview.

Top Youtube tutorials

Simplilearn | AWS Interview Questions | AWS Interview Questions And Answers 2022 | AWS Training

This 2 hours and 30 minutes video tutorial will help you prepare with important questions for your AWS professional interview.


Edureka | AWS Interview Questions | AWS Interview Questions & Answers – 2023 | AWS Training

This Edureka tutorial will assist you in practicing various interview questions at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.


What are the Different Job Roles Offered by AWS?

There are various roles for an AWS professional, and these vary based on your knowledge, domain, and specialization.

Principal Cloud Solutions Engineer (AWS)

A solutions engineer is tasked with planning, designing, identifying, and developing solutions and support for applications and data in a company’s cloud environment.

Cloud Support Engineer I – Security, AWS

This role involves leading improvement processes for support, enabling security specialists using AWS services, including Identity Access Management (IAM), GuardDuty, Shield, Key Management Service (KMS), and managing AWS products to have a significant impact.

Amazon Web Services Application Architect

An application architect is responsible for understanding and analyzing business needs, designing scalable and maintainable technical solution architectures, and estimating costs for the resources used in the proposed solutions.

How Much Can You Expect to Earn at AWS?

The salary outlook for an AWS professional can vary depending on the country and the position you hold. Here is a table with different countries and corresponding salaries:

United States





CAD 85,265 – CAD 145,800


€37,523 – €50,269


$135,000 – $900,000

Future Job Prospects and Growth Opportunities for AWS Professionals

The services offered by AWS provide significant benefits to both small and large enterprises, including improved performance, cost-effectiveness, security, scalability, and efficiency. As time passes and these services continue to improve and update, more companies are likely to adopt this model.

Undoubtedly, the prospects for AWS professionals are very promising. This is a field that is currently experiencing growth, and despite the high demand for professionals, there is also a considerable supply of employment opportunities in this area.


Use the provided questions for practice in a real interview to be better prepared. Additionally, leverage the mentioned resources, such as courses, tutorials, and documentation, to review both basic and advanced knowledge.

This way, you will be well-prepared for any question in your AWS interview and can achieve success.

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