How To Do a Good Interview on Skype


Interviews are that moment of tension and nerves that we all must go through at some point in the selection process for a job. They are minutes in which we take care of our forms, clothes, and words from the moment we enter the office or the living room. Why shouldn’t it also be like this in a Skype interview?

Tips For Your Interview on SKYPE

Online job interviews are becoming more and more frequent. Therefore it is essential to feel comfortable with the format, so we are going to give you a few tips to keep in mind :

  • The first thing you should do is check the Internet connection. It must be stable so that it does not cut. Make a previous video call with a trusted person and take the opportunity to rehearse. By the way, you will check if the microphone and the camera work perfectly. Download or update the version of Skype you have installed, either on your pc or on your mobile, to avoid incompatibilities or malfunctions.
  • Validate your connection data, check your Skype profile or even create another professional; you will also give a better impression if your login is easy to locate. Remember that we leave many traces on the Internet, and Skype is another space where we can support our candidacy. We also remind you that having a careful digital presence and identity will help you know how to download our ebook on personal branding.
  • Prepare the place for the interview: it is advisable to choose a neutral, severe and quiet space. Before starting, check the angle of the light to avoid being in shadow and check that you do not appear too pale or bright. If the ‘light scheme’ does not convince you, buy a small spotlight that illuminates you and comes out perfectly in the plane of your webcam. Take care of the order in that space; keep in mind that in addition to your image, what is seen behind you will influence the opinion you cause.
  • Dress for success: choose clothes as if you were going to a personal interview. Avoid flashy colors or fine stripes, nuclear white, prints, and eye-catching accessories or accessories.
  • Try to look at the webcam: when doing a Skype interview, it is essential to make eye contact “on the screen” as it will help you appear focused and give the impression that you are looking into the interviewer’s eyes. Maintain an upright posture. Leaning slightly towards the camera will increase eye contact with your interviewer and better show your facial expressions.
  • Respect speaking turns and be punctual.
  • Record the interview on Skype for later analysis. This can be very useful for self-criticism. Of course, you will need the consent of the interviewer.
  • Stay in touch after the interview. An additional benefit you can get in this interview format is that you may have the interviewer’s email address to send a follow-up email or thank you message a few days later.

For adults, the success of a Skype interview will be determined by taking care of the small details such as the username, not saying goodbye with the hand at the end of the interview, body language and no noise.

Also, do not let the format prevent you from preparing the interview usually, find out about the company, review the requirements for the position and look for information on the most common questions or how to get out of uncomfortable questions. He also seeks training on aspects valued but not essential for the position. Having already enrolled in a course or having a complimentary training plan may be very pleasing to your interviewer.

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