Understand What Is Involved In Construction Project Management


Construction projects are considered to be highly structured activities, whether it’s building a single-dwelling residence or a shopping mall. There are several moving parts and people who needed to be coordinated well. Just like many other projects, a construction project has many phases that include designing, planning, and scheduling. 

Each of these stages is complicated, and they can become more complex as the project progresses. This is the reason why you need to use construction management software to make things a little easier. This post explains what is involved in construction project management.  

Construction Project Management

Construction project management refers to the process that involves managing construction projects. When you compare a construction project to other forms of projects, it’s good to remember that construction projects are usually mission-based. This means that the organization of the project completes when the construction project ends.

In most cases, project management is considered to involve managing resources during the life cycle of that project through the use of various methodologies and tools. These tools and methodologies tend to control the cost, scope, time, and many more. However, when it comes to the construction industry, you need to have a broader outlook because it can involve several other things.

It can include a wide range of constraints that you need to consider to meet the design of the construction project. It’s worth noting that construction project management may interact with several disciplines in the project’s lifetime like architecture, city planning, engineering, and public works.

Types Of Construction Projects

There are a wide range of types of construction projects, though this usually depends on different sectors of construction. The two major sectors you can find in the construction industry are perhaps commercial and residential. But depending on the sector, you can also find four types of construction projects. These include residential home building and renovation, heavy industrial construction, commercial and institutional constructions, and engineering construction. 

As you can see, it means that there are several types of construction projects that need construction management to be successful. You need construction management regardless of the size of the project. So you can need it if you intend to construct a simple home, a large bridge, engineering a dam, and many others. It’s the responsibility of the project managers to manage these projects from the start to the end. They can sometimes do this on-site to make sure that there is a safe and successful construction.

Keep in mind that a construction project is usually run by a project manager. The person can be responsible for the planning, coordinating, budgeting, and even supervision of the project. In short, a construction manager must estimate and negotiate various project costs, formulate budgets, create schedules, manage work orders, and many more. 

This is why construction project management needs a variety of skills. The person also requires interaction with various people and agencies so that they can help you lead the project from its concept to the completion of the construction.

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