The fingerprint reader has become a fundamental part of any smartphone in these times. In addition, it is no longer a feature that is only in high-end mobiles, since it has become widespread in the market. But like any essential component, when it fails us, it becomes a real headache.

When the fingerprint sensor fails, the solution is quite simple and the problem is minor. It is not too normal to have to send a smartphone to the technical service because this component has been damaged, but it can happen.

The causes of these failures are usually solved without having to complicate us too much. We tell you what we can do if the fingerprint reader of our terminal does not work.

Let’s Register The Fingerprint Again

Our sensor has stopped working not because it is damaged, but because for some reason, the fingerprint record has disappeared from the memory of the smartphone or the one we have registered is corrupt.

To solve it, we just have to read our fingerprint again to record it in the system. We must follow these steps:

  • Let’s go to Settings.
  • We enter Biometric Data and password (it may be in Security).
  • Then we must click on fingerprint ID and go to the fingerprint manager.
  • Now we must click on the new fingerprint and register it as indicated on the screen.

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Place Your Finger Well

  • It may be that when we have registered the fingerprint, we have placed the finger in a certain way and that, when using the fingerprint reader on a daily basis, the position when pressing it is not the same.
  • We must place the finger in the same way we did in the registry because if not, it will either not work or only be effective sometimes.
  • This usually happens in poor-quality readers.
  • Something that has happened to all of us at some time is that we do not place the finger with which we register, so the error is not from the sensor but from us.
  • We must realize this before we think that the fingerprint reader is damaged.

Screen Protectors

Now that we have many fingerprint readers on the market on the market, we must also take into account the issue of protectors.

If we have changed ours a short time ago and since that moment our sensor stopped working, it is clear that this protector is not valid for this unlocking system.

This is something more common than you can imagine since there are many brands of protectors that sell certain products for mobile phones with a fingerprint reader on the screen, but it turns out that they are not compatible with this system.

It is something that we must be completely sure of before purchasing any type of protector if we have our fingerprint unlocking system on the screen.

Dirt And Moisture Don’t Help

On many occasions, when the fingerprint sensor does not work or does not recognize the first time, it may be because it has some dirt that prevents it from reading our finger correctly.

But this can also be given if we press with our finger with some humidity, another of the situations in which the readers cannot function correctly.

We can always use a cloth to wipe the terminal from time to time and thus keep it as clean as possible.

But it is also convenient that our finger when we are going to place it on the sensor, is not dirty or wet.

Updates Don’t Always Get Better

It has also happened in the odd smartphone that the brand has sent an update and this has damaged the normal operation of the fingerprint reader.

It is logical that whenever an update arrives we install it since it is not normal that instead of fixing the terminal, it ends up spoiling it.

When this happens, we can only wait for the brand to send another update to correct the errors that the previous one has caused.

At the time that a new software sent by the phone brand spoils something as substantial as the fingerprint reader, we assure you that they will correct it as soon as possible since negative publicity is something that “scares” any technology manufacturer.

Factory Reset Phone

If the reader continues to fail, we can carry out a rather radical task, but one that often solves these types of problems, especially if they have occurred overnight.

Remind you that when restoring any smartphone we lose all the information we have on it, so it is best to make a backup of everything that is essential for us.

The way to restore the system is as follows:

  • We open the Settings.
  • We enter the System and then Restore.
  • Now we must click on Reset the phone and when we can click on Reset.
  • At this time it will ask us for the PIN or the unlock pattern (depending on what we have active) and then click on OK.

Now the terminal will be restored as if we had just received it in our house the first time.

Take It To Service

If it still does not work for us, then it will be time to send it to the technical service, since there is no doubt that something is wrong and that we cannot do anything else to solve it.

If the phone is under warranty, it may happen that the repair is free because it is a factory defect.

If the warranty has already expired, it is best to ask for a quote beforehand, to assess whether it compensates us for the repair.

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