Visual Content Can Increase The Traffic Significantly

Traffic can be increased significantly with visual content

Running a website or blog is not always easy. However, this does not refer to the structure (with regard to the website builder), but to the number of visitors (also called traffic). These do not just come about, you have to do something for them instead. Advertising can of course also be away, but if, for example, you don’t have a large budget, it will be difficult. The chance for more or new traffic is therefore not immediately gone, because there are other options. Some of them are not so obvious or you don’t recognize the potential at first glance, including the power of visual content. This primarily means images, GIFs, and videos.

What basically speaks for visual content?

In recent years, the attention span has decreased and the flood of information has increased. As a result, content is no longer read carefully but is only briefly scanned. There is also a great risk of distraction from new information. The losers in this change are pure texts that do without visual content. A problem, because the content was often tedious and time-consuming and ultimately does not reach the target group. Not even if the article is extremely interesting and could solve your own problem.

For this reason, pictures and Co. have become a duty because they attract and emotionalize much more. The advertising world has known this for a long time and prints laughing people on posters etc. The effect is simply more activating and you can usually not look away with open emotions. They also create a pleasant atmosphere in our body and the imagination is also stimulated.

So visual content speaks for the fact that it has a much more powerful effect than text. Therefore, avoiding sentences is also the wrong way, because pictures, etc. attract a lot more attention, but they can only provide limited information. It looks different from videos, but the problem here is that you cannot see the exact content without playback. In the case of a text, however, this is the case thanks to subheadings.

In the end, you won’t get far with both elements alone (text and visual content), instead, it is the combination that creates the incredible power.

The logo is the business card

Of course, the visual content also includes the logo. It not only has to be unique and appealing but also has to be thematically appropriate. For example, on a blog about cars, it makes no sense if the logo contains the icon of a light bulb. So it’s worth taking your time.

Tip: If you do not create your own logo design (for example because there is no creative streak), then you should choose a provider with a fair price-performance ratio. A corresponding comparison is linked at the beginning of this paragraph.

Images have a faster effect

A human being is a visual being. This means that an image catches the eye faster and is also processed faster. If the decision is between photos and a longer text, then the pictures will always win. The reason is not only the emotional impact, but more information can be provided at first. As Werner Kroeber-Riel aptly says, pictures are like quick shots in the brain.

A post is much more likely to be shared with a photo

If you run a website or blog, then representation on a social network – like Facebook – is almost standard. In this context, analyzes have shown that a contribution with a picture (one piece is enough) is shared significantly more often. Infographics are particularly popular.

You can take advantage of this fact, because if a post is shared more often, then there is a greater chance of more and/or new visitors.

SEO image optimization for more traffic

Google not only allows you to search for information on websites, but also for pictures. A not unimportant info, because if SEO image optimization is also carried out, then your own photos land high up in the search results. An advantage because the website is then just a click away. And it is often the case that visitors are interested in the source.

Videos are very important

When it comes to traffic, videos are at least as important as photos. Sometimes even more important, because a video can output much more information. Of course, the content has to be right, because boredom usually leads to a playback stop. A good example is video tutorials where you can sit back and relax and don’t have to read anything. One reason why they are so popular.

The brain can store images longer

Visual content automatically brings the picture superior effect. This means that pictures, videos, and the like are remembered longer than pure text information. This can also mean more traffic since the website or blog remains stored longer in the head of the visitor. Of course, this happens unconsciously.

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