What Are The Different Types of Transcription Services?

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There are multiple types of transcription services. Before converting your audio or video file into text format, you will have to choose the best service that works for you. There are three main types of transcription – edited, intelligent and verbatim transcription.

They can all be used to transcribe audio and video files. The difference is with the process involved, which depends on the available resources and the specifications of the service. Categorizing the types of transcription is determined by how much of the content in your audio or video file will make it to the transcribed text.

Here are the different kinds of transcription available on the market and how you can choose the ideal one for your audio or video recording.

Edited Transcription

Edited transcriptions are those that concentrate on delivering quality texts to improve readability and clarity. A transcriber formalizes the text by omitting words and phrases that are excessive or grammatically incorrect. They leave relevant words on the text but omit unnecessary interjections and exclamations.
A transcriber ensures that the meaning of the audio or video file does not change and leaves the most important parts on the text.
Edited transcriptions are time-consuming, and a transcriber has to be skilled to know the essential parts of a text and those that will not alter the message when omitted.
The task of a transcriber is to clean up the text and make sure it is concise and readable.
This type of transcription is more formal, and the whole idea is to make the text legible and more appealing to the targeted readers.
Edited transcription has a clean look and is suitable for conferences, seminars, editorial classes, public speeches, and minutes.

Intelligent Transcription

Intelligent transcriptions focus on the accuracy and conciseness of a document. It is like edited transcription, but it takes the editing even further. A transcriber omits emotions, filler words and repeated words or phrases from the document. They erase irrelevant details like slang, stammers, grammatically incorrect and unrecognized words. Transcribers also omit half-sentences and mumbled speech from the text.
A transcriber has to omit uncommon words (kinda, wanna, ain’t) and any aspects of the text that show disruptions in the spoken word like sneezing or coughing. They also delete pauses in the speech, display of gratitude and deep thought.
Intelligent or smart transcription requires a highly skilled and trained transcriber to convert the audio or video recording into text. They ought to have experience doing such jobs, which requires them to understand the message a speaker is trying to convey. They will have to edit the speech and paraphrase it in some sections to make it clear and readable.
This kind of transcription aims to provide a straightforward text, which entails essential details without altering its meaning. It is written in full sentences and is grammatically correct. Intelligent transcription is ideal for business communications and medical fields.

Verbatim Transcription

Other than words, verbatim transcription accurately relays all the information in an audio or video file. That includes stammers, emotional states like laughing or sobbing, background noise, mumbled speech, sighs, sneezes and false starts.

It is the word for word transcription criteria, which requires a careful transcriber. They have to get everything into text and time-code each element in an audio or video file. It is considered the most intricate and time-consuming type of transcription. It is also an expensive process because a transcriber does a lot and goes further to ensure they include even the smallest detail in a recording.

Verbatim transcription is used to provide a direct framework of events in an audio or video file. It is not concise or easy to read like other types of transcription. However, it indicates what a speaker says and how they say it.

It is useful in conveying an accurate report conveying the expressions and circumstances of the speaker during their speech. It is a suitable choice for court proceedings, job interviews, movies, commercials and research programs.

The purpose of your transcribed text is the determining factor on the type of service you should choose. If you are uncertain of the service that best fits your intended purpose, contact Go Transcript for professional advice on the best transcription services for you. They offer services like captioning services, translating and more.

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