What Does The X Mean On Snapchat? [Explained]

What Does The X Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the trending social media platforms which has a super craze and following among the teenagers. Snapchat allows yours to take snaps and videos using different types of filters and share them with your friends. We can also maintain streaks by swapping videos and photos with our friends in snapchat. Snapchat is among the leading social channels like Facebook and Instagram.

But some people still ask questions like What Does The X Mean On Snapchat. Although you are upgraded you still have to take someone’s help to decode the newly added features of this snapchat app. It will always come up with a new feature in each and every update.

In a recent update there appeared a new feature which represents a gray X symbol besides the username of the person. Today in our article let us discuss What Does The X Mean On Snapchat and what is the use of that X icon in this app. For the people who want to know about these icon, this article will help them.

What Does The X Mean On Snapchat?

There are various reasons why the X icon will appear beside the username in your snapchat chat box. Below are some of the reasons which lead to the appearance of gray X icon besides the person’s chat.

If someone sends a friend request on snapchat and if you do not accept the request then this X will appear besides the person’s username. Click on the username and now you can see two options which are the okay button to accept friendship and the other one is the “report or block” button. It is your wish to add or not. If you add him then the gray icon X will disappear from his username.

The second reason is if you send a friend request to anyone and the person still does not accept the request you sent to him. This also shows the X symbol with the username of the person.

Normally snapchat will ask you for permission to access your contact list. If you give permission then the contacts will show in the snapchat chat box. For some contacts there will be an X symbol besides their username. If you add them to your friends list then the symbol will disappear.

When a person blocks you or removes you from his friends list then also the gray X icon will display besides his username. It will stay like that till he unblocks you and accepts your friend request.

For the people who want to know What Does The X Mean On Snapchat have to check the above mentioned reasons and so that you can solve it.

How To Remove The X Icon On Snapchat

First thing you have to do is click the person’s username and see if you have been added to your friends list. If not, add him immediately so that the symbol will disappear. If you are added and it is still appearing then you have to wait until the opposite person to add you in their friends list. There will be no harm done to your snapchat account with this symbol X. it is just an indication to you from snapchat that the person is not your friend or the person blocked you in snapchat.


Now we have a conclusion to the query “What Does The X Mean On Snapchat”. With the help of this guide you can explain what the symbol X in snapchat means to other people also. If you are an avid user of snapchat then you need to be aware of the new features of the app so that the usage of the app can be done easily. In the next articles will also cover the reminder most asked queries about snapchat.

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