What Is Configapk App? Is It Safe Or Should I Disable It? [Explained]


Did you ever see Configapk app in your android mobile phone under the system apps option and worried about it? Then this article will help you with the complete information regarding this Configapk and its uses. Is it safe to keep this app in your phone or do you have to remove it? At the end of this article you will let you know all these answers. This app will only be seen in Android mobile for iOS it will not occur because it is an android application.

For the people who are eager to know about the system application called Configapk, this guide on our blog will certainly help them. Our author had shared his knowledge on system apps with you in this article.

What Is Configapk?

Configapk is the system application and a part of Android operating system which looks after the installation and uninstallation of Applications in android phone. Generally normal people will not able to came across this app because it in inbuild and will not be able to appear on home screen but some tech enthusiasts can discover this in the list of system apps and fall into the confusion about this app. They do not know if it is safe or not.

Configapk is mainly responsible for all the functions that are done when you install a third party application from the Playstore or some other APK files. some time will be taken when you hit the installation button of the app, in that time this Configapk will do all its activations and functions and make the process easy for the user.

It is always helpful for the user. It will be in our mobile phone from the day one of your mobile purchase. For smooth running of Android OS the brands will install some system predefined apps in the device. Configapk is one of those which look after the installation and uninstallation of the application process.

Is Configapk Malware?

Many people thought it was malware or some suspicious app when they noticed it for the first time. It will not cause any malfunctions in your device. You can check as it is using any permissions and if yes then you can disable the option.

  • Go to settings
  • Then go to apps.
  • Select the system apps from the 3 dots on the right top corner.
  • Search for Configapk and click on it.
  • Scroll down and check the permissions.

We can say 100% that this app is not a malware or spy app, this is installed automatically for the smooth functionality of the device.

Can We Uninstall or Disable Configapk?

As we already said, it is not malware, it is a harmless application. Even Though if you want to remove or stop this application from your mobile then you can do it.

Firstly you can Disable and force stop this application. Go to settings – apps – now select system apps – Configapk and select on Disable option. Now restart your device, so that this APK will stop running in the background of your device.

Secondly you can forcely uninstall and remove this app from your device by System App Remove method and ADM method. ADB stands For Android Debug Bridge method. If you remove this app from your phone sometimes it may cause functionality disturbances in your mobile phone. So better not do it.

Final Say

Now you know completely about the Configapk application and why the brands will pre install this app in all our android mobile devices. Some people complained that this app is draining their battery, internet and reducing the device performance with higher background usage, but there is no exact evidence or proof for this claim. If you feel that this app is malfunctioning in your device then you can remove it by following the above mentioned two methods in the article. From our point of view this application is safe and lets it run in the background and it will do the work it is designed for.

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