What Is An Online store?


Suppose you want to start selling on the Internet. In that case, we give you an online store budget to assess the elements that your store should have to be attractive to your customers and to be able to position yourself in Google by increasing your billing.

Budget Online Store

Selling on the Internet is an exciting option for any business, getting your online budget store. It is not easy. Think that in your sector, any employer will decide the same, but with strategy and hard work, you will increase sales.

Because of this, we tell you how to create an online store focused on SEO positioning to get the top positions in search engines. In addition, we will give you tips to improve your relevance in the digital world.

It looks good, right…

Budget Online Store Woocommerce

Having seen the importance of having an online store and the difficulties in positioning it, we value its elements to achieve sales.

Hosting, Domain, And Email Accounts

Everything is related to the domain that will identify your project:

  • Hosting: hosting that will allow visibility on the Internet for your online store. It will be fast, friendly with positioning, and safe. It is a necessity to have a security protocol.
  • Email accounts: with an unlimited number according to your business needs
  • Domain: including the name of your store or modifying it to be more relevant for SEO positioning. Ex: fernandogonzalez.com or ferreteriabarata.com. Know the types of environments to hit with yours.

Data Protection Act

The online store will be adapted to the RGPD to avoid legal problems.

Corporate Store

The ideal is to create a store that conveys confidence to potential customers, so it is necessary to add business content to make yourself known to users. The usual thing is to create the home, about us, contact and showcase tabs.

In this case, several aspects come into play:

  • Keyword study: the project must be adapted to SEO positioning. Each page, product, or category will be directed to a keyword to position it.
  • Content writing: maintaining the SEO protocol that will position the page on the Internet.
  • Images: the same thing will happen as in the previous cases, optimized in weight and size, adding the ALT and royalty-free attributes.
  • Articles: Each product must have optimized content and images following the same SEO line.

Store Settings

Having created the store, the user’s comfort quickly browsing and buying your products will be a must. For this reason, it will be essential to achieve an exemplary management configuration:

  • Shipments: making explicit the commercial areas and their costs.
  • Payment methods: card, transfer, store pickup, depending on your needs.
  • Coupons: it is necessary to have promotions to motivate users to purchase. In this way, you can easily create them with discounts and special purchase conditions.

Training For Self-Management

Imagine that having created your store, you need to include a new clothing collection, modify prices or eliminate products that are not in stock. What would you do…

Think about the monthly cost of maintenance. Depending on your requests, it would be a considerable investment. For this reason, the idea is to train yourself to do it by yourself or through your work team. With a short course and constant support through our technical service, it will be possible at zero cost for your business.

E-Commerce Budget

Well, you already have your online store set up, but you must be clear that no one will see it. It is a widespread mistake to think that you will become a millionaire by doing the store, but it is not like that; selling smoke has never been a formula for success.

Therefore, it will be necessary to know how to make a marketing strategy to succeed online. It is essential to analyze your project a priori to achieve goals. If you sell jellies for 50 euros, think that someone will buy them… On the other hand, if your product is not of quality or customer service, you think you will close sales… Therefore before designing your store, value these ideas because it will be impossible to do anything even if the store is spectacular and you reach the top positions.

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